“I was ready to shed to succeed!”

Audience: You are a star of planetary dimensions, but deep down we know very little about you …

Adam Driver: I was born in San Diego. My father was a preacher. My parents divorced when I was 7, and my mother took my sister and us to a small town called Mishawaka, Indiana. She remarried to a Baptist priest. From there, I had only one wish … to get away! I walked around in circles. In high school, the only thing that broke the daily routine was the school dances. Like all children, I smoked in secret, drank too much, and climbed the large metal antennas of local radio stations.

How were your parents?

My relationship with my mother and stepfather was complicated. I had to pay them $ 200 rent to be allowed to sleep … in the garage! They assumed I was going to contribute to the house expenses! If I wanted to enter through the front door, I had to knock and wait for it to open for me, as if I were a stranger. I even had to buy my own little fridge and microwave. I think they would teach me to become self-employed.

How did you come to want to make movies?

My movie culture boiled down to Rambo or movies like that. I had a grandfather who had a collection of over 500 VHS tapes. I thought it must be a cool job to be an actor! It was a time when I was selling vacuum cleaners and doing telemarketing. So after high school, I applied to Juilliard, America’s most prestigious art college. My application was not approved. But I did not get discouraged, I told my family and my boyfriend that I was going to Hollywood to become a star!

“I was too cash, I made people cry”

How was this departure?

I put my fridge and my microwave in my old car and went. But things quickly got sour. I broke down. When I finally arrived at a hostel in Santa Monica, I was dry. For two nights I slept on a beach. I threw the towel in the ring and spent all the money I had left on filling up the gas tank and getting back to my parents. The little adventure lasted only a week!

You finally joined the army …

The war in Iraq had started a year ago when I became a Marine in February 2002. At that time I did not know which direction to take in life, I just wanted to get away from Mishawaka at any cost. My goal was really to serve my country abroad. I have never wondered if this war was good or bad. I was a soldier and had to follow orders. I trained for two and a half years to take on this mission. I was operational, but everything fell apart in a bicycle accident where I broke my sternum. I had convinced my battalion to deploy despite the injury, but I ended up hurting myself even more. So I had to leave the army. It was devastating. Suddenly I became civil again, with a strong sense of guilt.

How was the transition from the military world to the civilian world?

It was not liquid! In the army there are no frills. I thought all civilian problems were small compared to those facing the military. I could not understand why people complained that the air conditioning was too cold or that the heating was too hot. And me, I was too cash. I made people cry. It took me many months to get used to this aggressive way of talking to others.

“I was afraid to disappoint Star Wars fans”

You quickly returned to your first desire to be an actor …

Yes, I resubmitted a new application to Juilliard and was accepted. I approached acting with the Navy’s work ethic. Every morning I woke up before dawn. To get in shape, I made myself six eggs for breakfast and then ran five miles to college, where I was a part-time student and janitor. After a day of teaching, evening exercises, and my caretaker job, I hurried home to watch movies by Fellini and Cassavetes. It’s like Rocky went to film school! I held on. If things hadn’t worked out, I was ready to sleep on a bench in Central Park and reach into the trash cans of neighborhood restaurants for food! My determination finally paid off.

Was it a dream to play in Star Wars?

The pressure was enormous. I would not screw up and disappoint the fans. I hesitated before signing. Now not a day goes by without children I meet on the street saying, “Hi Kylo Ren!”

Key dates

November 19, 1983

Adam was born in San Diego. His father is a preacher, but it is his mother and stepfather, a Baptist priest, who must raise him.


Adam gets the role of Adam Sackler, Lena Dunham’s unpredictable love interest on HBO’s Girls, which he will hold until 2016.

June 22, 2013

Adam marries Joanne Tucker, an actress he met in college. They had a little boy in 2016.

4. 2021

Adam is impeccable in The Last Duel and House of Gucci, by Ridley Scott, along with Lady Gaga in the other.

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