Jacques Martin, whose traumatized father drank eau de toilette, was waiting for the love of his absent mother

Jacques Martin was a man who was deeply influenced by his childhood. This phase of his life had a significant impact on the man he became. Described as a “bully” by some, he was a father to others.

Become a true holy TV monster, Jacques Martin received for months, years of endless applause for his qualities as a presenter, but also as a producer.

During his life he had also met women who, in their own way, had managed to overthrow his heart and thus let him find the love and even happiness of becoming a father.

And yet, under his jovial air, Jacques Martin was a “wounded man,” marked by wounds back to his childhood, which were not the most peaceful.

Through this article, discover the minutes and seconds that hold an entire world that the father of the family carried behind your applause.


During his lifetime, the famous animator publicly made very harsh remarks about his childhood.

He spoke in particular about the always complicated relationship he had with his father, about the period when he was “isolated”, left to himself after his mother remarried, but also about his years at a boarding school with the Jesuits , when he was only 5 years old.

Jacques Martin on the show “Show Petula Clark”. | Photo: Getty Images

Furthermore, regarding this last point, we could hear him say in archival footage revealed in the documentary dedicated to him, entitled “Jacques Martin: Behind Your Applause” and broadcast on Wednesday, May 4, at the Paris Premiere, that this long stay in this establishment was to him similar to being in a prison.

“I was put in boarding school in 1939, I was a little over 5 years old, and I have to say it’s years of imprisonment. Me, the concentration camp universe, I knew it as a child, I know what it is …”

he had said.

Jacques Martin on the set of “La lorgnette”. | Photo: Getty Images

But before this period at this boarding school, he was deeply affected by his relationship with his father, who had become an alcoholic because of the traumas he experienced, and his own mother, whose tenderness movements were more often real in the imagination. Jacques than in real life.


To his greatest regret, his relationship with his father has always been complicated. Apparently “there were never any real dialogues” between them. Not that there was no love, but unfortunately the latter “did not get over the atrocities experienced during the war of 1914.”

Jacques Martin at the wedding of former French TV actor Stéphane Collaro with Ariel at the town hall in Levallois. | Photo: Getty Images

It seems that he decided to drown his traumatic memories related to this war in alcohol. And to make matters worse, he swallowed everything he found when he had nothing left to buy. The war, this hell, had changed this man he called father.

“His father died as an alcoholic, drank eau de toilette, perfumes … He was unhappy”,

revealed Danièle Evenou, an ex-boyfriend of Jacques Martin.

This father’s death was “a terrible shock” to the former headliner of “L’École des Fans”.

And as if that were not enough, over time he gradually lost his mother Germaine Ducerf, not that life had also decided to tear him from him, but instead this distance was due to the fact that she was not very present, nor demonstrative with her son. Even less so when she remarried and had another son.

Jacques Martin in 1988. | Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, according to Danièle Evenou’s confidants: “I think he (Jacques Martin) waited for years for his mother to say to him, ‘I love you'”. A shocking situation summed up by lyricist Frédéric Zeitoun, who says:

“I think the key to Jacques Martin is his childhood. This man had an abused childhood.”

And yet, despite this terrible shock he experienced in his childhood, especially with this very special relationship with his parents, Jacques Martin would meanwhile have been present for his eight children. Finally, there are divergent ideas on this topic, even for the main stakeholders.

Jacques Martin, French television host. | Photo: Getty Images


The relationship that parents have with their children will never be fully understood by the outside world because it is unique to them, just like the relationship that Jacques Martin had with his children.

Each of Jacques’ eight children had their own story with their father, but David, his eldest son, wanted to tell it on the Sud Radio set.

“It’s not because he did not take care of his children, because he really took care of us … but in his own way”,

began the eldest of Jacques Martin while remembering his moments of happiness with his parents.

These few words alone are enough to question the rumors that pointed to the attention Jacques Martin gave his offspring. Her youngest, Élise Martin, would say otherwise. For her, the moments that are shared, or rather not shared, with her father are filled with a sense of pain.

Jacques Martin, French TV personality, his partner, French actress Danièle Evenou, and their son Frédéric on summer vacation near Saint-Tropez. | Source: Getty Images

Élise Martin remembered her joys of receiving free seats for the rides thanks to her father’s work.

The euphoria time ended up catching little Élise’s attention, but she was later brought to confront the other side of the coin: “We had fun all day, but if you think about it, we did not spend time with him.”

“He did not have time to pay attention to us”,

she will admit with regret.

Jacques Martin poses in a kitchen with his wife Céline, his sons, Frédéric and Jean Baptiste and his daughters, Judith and Jeanne Marie. | Photo: Getty Images

Élise, however, never held it against him and carried within her, even after living a whole life, a compassionate tenderness that she would have liked to have shared with her father.

Finally, this life is a valley of tears, but it is also a valley of roses. Despite all the misfortunes and all the sorrows, the few caresses of life softened Jacques Martin’s heart.

Perhaps he would eventually have said to himself that this life was beautiful with those we love, after overcoming in his own way this pain, which seemed insurmountable in the past.

Family vacation for Jacques Martin. | Photo: Getty Images

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