Juno in your natal chart reveals your love life

published by Solene V

– May 5, 2022 at 14.30.

Astrology, for those who see meaning in it, is very useful for better understanding your personality. And the natal chart can really reveal certain elements of your romantic behavior. Especially the asteroid Juno. Here’s how his location can tell you a lot about your love life.

Asteroid, Jupiter’s wife and goddess of marriage and motherhood, Juno reveals how she must interpret and understand her love life. Its placement in your astral chart can tell you many things about the turnaround in your love life. The location of each planet at the time of your birth can reveal your romantic behavior. You still need to know how to calculate your natal chart. To do this, it is enough to know his date, time and place of birth. This will allow you to best assist you in your search for love and thus have healthier romantic relationships. The Lion, the Pisces, the Gemini … by making your birth chart, you will discover a map. Juno will then have an attitude towards a very specific astrological sign. If you want to know more, here’s what your location of Juno means.

Juno in Aries

If Juno is placed in Aries in your horoscope, it means that you value independence in your relationship. And besides, you attract those who have the same opinion as you at this level. When you are in a relationship, you feel a need to honor this desire to have very different life paths. Addiction is not for you. You need you and your partner to meet in the middle of each other’s paths.

Juno and Taurus

If Juno is located in Taurus, then indulgence is the watchword for you in a relationship. You are a generous person and favor a partner who is also generous. But be careful! You can be impulsive / impulsive or jealous / jealous when you are not really in control of your impulses.

Juno in Gemini

In a relationship, communication is the key for you. Juno’s location in Gemini means you value intelligence in your partner.. In addition, you prefer people who have strong, well-defined opinions. On the other hand, if you are too strict, it can lead to tension. Take the time to honor the opinions of others and they will do the same.

Juno in cancer

This is probably the most sentimental and sensitive placement of Juno in terms of horoscope. You especially appreciate family time, and you often choose your partner according to their family ties. Because of your hyperemotional side, uncertainty can arise. The important thing is to feel safe by fully accepting your feelings, positive as well as negative.

Juno in the Lion

Juno in the Lion indicates that you appreciate a “trophy” partner. You want someone you can show off and be proud of. You are a loving person and you often look for this quality in others as well. You like the spotlight, but you are still someone who has love to give and who wants to receive it.

Juno and Virgo

Your password is “service”. A well-behaved, clean person, rooted in certain values ​​and who gives you security is crucial for you. You tend to be very demanding and do not commit to anyone. Virgin Juno’s placement in your natal chart means you have to be picky to get ahead properly. And it is important that you realize this.

Juno in Libra

In a relationship, you seek above all love and balance. Juno in Libra can mean that arguments and tensions cause you to lose desire and interest.. It is really important for you to take your time when you need it. Be careful not to rush or engage too quickly. Be careful).

Juno and Scorpio

Intensity is for you the most important thing in love if Juno is placed in Scorpio in your horoscope. You do not like superficial or uninteresting relationships and you are looking for a like-minded person. Namely, an intensity equal to yours. The idea is still to be careful not to take things too seriously and live in the present.

Juno and Sagittarius

If Juno is located in Sagittarius in your natal chart, freedom is the key in a relationship for you. You love adventure with your partner and hate routine. You yearn for new experiences that can bring you maturity and fun. Both through travel and learning in general. But you must also remember to listen to your partner’s wishes.

Juno and Capricorn

Stability and reliability are two essential things for you to thrive in a relationship and engage calmly. Juno located in Capricorn indicates that your ideal partner should be a strong and ambitious person who inspires respect wherever she goes.. But remember that balance is essential for a healthy relationship and above all for keeping the flame alive.

Juno in Aquarius

Your ideal partner? An independent person, but above all one of a kind. You often move forward at your own pace, without falling into the boxes and stereotypes of love that we all know. And for one, if Juno is located in Sagittarius, you expect the person sharing your life to fully accept it.

Juno and Pisces

If your horoscope places Juno in Pisces, it means you will completely merge your body and mind with your partner. Alchemy and reciprocity are crucial to you. You are a romantic, creative and dreamy person. And you would appreciate that the person you meet is, too.

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