Meta pays for the meta verse with your NFTs

Metaverset, web3 freedom or web2 replica? – Too many of us are metavers rhymes with freedom. Freedom to create and share, freedom to meet and interact. In short, a whole new world is being born that expands the field of possibilities, far from any control. Anyway, HorizonWorldthe meta-verse from the imagination of Meta (Facebook) already seems to be moving away from this idea. We explain why.

He will not have escaped anyone for a few months, Mark Zuckerberg drives one 180 ° rotation. His goal? Take hold of this new trend that is exploding, the metaverse. This sudden transition comes as Facebook and instagram lose advertising revenue and worry shareholders. This is due to changes in privacy recently implemented by Apple and Google. Because the true kings of web2 really are them. Meta therefore seeks to get them ahead in the world of the future, web3.

Mark Zuckerberg seeks to get ahead of its competitors by investing in the meta verse and web3.

To do this, Mark Zuckerberg launched HorizonWorlda virtual reality game (VR) is supposed to host different interconnected worlds. Recently, the Meta boss described the next news announced in the heart of his metavers. In particular, he explains that he is working on features that allow creators to do so sell virtual items. Typically, a designer will be able to sell Fashion accessories which would equip our digital avatars. Another example is that virtual real estate developers can sell access to “premium” areas of their world.

“The ability to sell goods and gain access rights in virtual worlds is now part of the overall e-commerce equation”

Mark Zuckerberg

Glimpse of a virtual city in Metaverset

The opportunity to sell virtual goods will initially only be open to a handful of creators. Potential buyers will initially also be limited to users over the age of 18 living in the United States and Canada. But now the social networking giant intends to snatch a good chunk of the pie, maybe even exactly half.

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Metaverset, yes, but will have to pay

Creating who you are, you want to share your newly created virtual world with as many people as possible? Or implement a variety of differentaccessories for equipping avatars of the whole metaverset? This should be possible soon at Horizon World, of course, but the gains are expected to be limited. Meta will arrogate 25% on all transactions that will take place within its metaverse. Moreover, if your sales happen through Quest shop of Meta, provider of Oculus Quest headset, 30% of the cost will be deducted from you in advance. Finally, 47.5% of the sum will therefore go into the pockets of Meta.

Meta gets a good chunk of the cake when purchased from their Horizon World metaverse.  The creator gets only half of it.

“We believe this is a very competitive price for this market,” he said. Vivek Sharma, Vice President of Horizon World at Meta. Metas spokesman, Sinead Purcell further implied that Horizon World would one day be available on hardware manufactured by other companies. In this case, Meta will continue to charge its 25% fee, but let the manufacturers set their own prices. Hopefully these are less greedy.

However, Mark Zuckerberg had criticized Apple in 2021 for their overly high 30% fee for selling apps onApp store. The idea must have pleased him, however, when a year later he adopted the concept of his metaverse here. Will we move towards a completely free and interconnected metavers like this Decentraland Where Sandboxes ? Or will we be caught by the web2 giants who will weave their web into the heart of web3? Creators and users decide. For in the end, it is they who have the real power. So ask yourself the question. In what meta do I wander?

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