Rugby in Nogent-le-Rotrou: before the final, Loïc Coudray, on behalf of the group

Loïc Coudray hands himself in before the finals, which await the senior teams.
Loïc Coudray hands himself in before the finals, which await the senior teams. © Sabrina MC

Sitting in a local café, it’s a Loïc Coudray, calm, composed, in all humility, but not without ambition, who gave himself up for 45 minutes before the two finals awaiting RCPN Saturday, May 7, 2022 in Saint-Florent-sur-Cher. The flag team must meet Vendome (already sure of its rise in Federal 3), “a complicated team to maneuver” for the beautiful. When the reserve team will challenge Arcay which she has already beaten “with tweezers” this year.

Successful agreement with VSF

If there’s one thing you can not blame Loic Coudray in his speech it is to forget someone, to speak of one subject to the detriment of another. If he praises the pennant team, you are sure he will not do less for the reserve team. The Nogent coach is not talking about two teams, but about a group.

This is the spirit I wanted to instill in everyone with Maxime and Jocelyn. I want consistency. So yes, on Sundays we have to make teams, but the approach takes place in groups.

And the least we can say is that the group seems to have stuck to the idea as it is two finals that RCPN is playing. At the start of the season, however, it was not won. To swell the numbers, players from VSF came to join the teams. The link, it came from the field. It matched immediately and it is very promising for both clubs, ”he is satisfied.

But he temperament, “we did not fly over the season that was either narrow victories, it was a struggle to get there. You must be humble! »

A bus full of followers

Today, if two teams are in the final, he explains the duty torugby school. ‘It’s different generations, but there are guys who have been playing together since they were kids. »

According to him, the senior teams are only the rugby school’s showcase. This school is the club’s engine ”.

The two Nogent teams get the chance to play in the same city every few hours (one at 2pm, the other at 6pm), the opportunity was too good for the fans. “A bus is going to take everyone. And I even believe there will be a shortage of seats. The others will definitely fill cars. Either way. L ‘RCPN love well worth it.

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This love for followers, it also means something to me, it is the Holy Grail! It is not only the players who are involved in the project.

RCPN wants to stand out and win two titles this Saturday, May 7th.
RCPN wants to stand out and win two titles this Saturday, May 7th. © Sabrina MC

“Sometimes we crash”

The players, the supporters, but RCPN are also leaders, and Loïc does not forget them. “They gave us flames. The demands they come from us. We set our course. And that’s a sign of trust. »

To win on Saturday, there is still a work session on Friday night. A special session where it will not be necessary to write too much in the organizations, but at the same time well on everyone. “We had to make choices, it’s never easy, but maybe that’s what made us where we are today. »

For the last training session, “we must try to do something blackboard on the green field. To build on what we were able to do when we faced our opponents, repeated movements … We also want to reduce the sails so as not to affect physical and mental freshness ”. But he says it without admitting, “sometimes we screw up”.

“It’s going to be a party”

And when we say that he does not forget anyone in his thanks, Loïc also has a thought “to the guys who had very little playing time all season but who were present in the winter season when there was nothing of the world. It is also their final and I hope the guys on the pitch will think about it on Saturday. ”

He wants these finals “to close.”involvement players for an entire season, to achieve something. And above all that they take advantage of this moment. We do not want them to be inhibited, but rather to sublimate themselves before the event. It’s going to be the party! We are going to live life to the fullest. It will be time later to make status, projections … “. And there is no doubt that the former three-quarter center will call on his past as a player who has already played in a final to pass on the right words .

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