an animated film co-produced by the community via NFTs!

NFTs are everywhere! Big brands, artists and even hackers have acquired them. It is therefore difficult to find your way around, to understand, not to be cheated and above all to find projects that make sense. PLUSH could be one of these.

Bored APE, CryptoPunks or Cool Cats are examples of successful NFT (Non Fungible Token) projects, but in reality they are rare. Today we just heard about the launch of PLUSH, a series of NFTs, but whose purpose is very different from the others.

A community film

PLUSH is the name of an upcoming animated film that will be handed over to expert hands from Rooftop Production and the Karlab studios, two pillars of the animated film industry, whose experienced graphic designers are behind the credit for the biggest box office successes. last 10 years: Lorax, Sing 1, Minions, Despicable me 2 & 3, The Grinch, Pets 1 & 2, Sing 2, Arcane and many more.

The principle of PLUSH is that in order for the film to go into production, producers must sell a collection of NFTs that carry its image. It goes even further as each owner of an NFT PLUSH automatically becomes the co-producer of the animated film! The idea is interesting and like crowdfunding, it can give projects the opportunity to see the light of day thanks to the community. The project roadmap even allows members of this community to influence major themes through a voting system that will be passed on to the original scenario.

As a nod to the community of collectors who want to let the film PLUSH see the light of day, the teddy bears’ NFTs come alive and alive in a feature film, which on the one hand will contain an individualistic and greedy bear unaware of the consequences of its way of life on the planet, on the other a natural society, which will end up being perverted. These two worlds will meet with a common goal: to respond to the environmental emergency. It is together and in solidarity that they will increase their impact and be able to take up the challenge.

But where PLUSH will once again stand out is that all buyers of an NFT will receive a pro rata return of 80% of the film’s global cash surplus. For example, if the film goes into production before summer, it may hit theaters before the holiday season.
2023! The reset can therefore take place in 2024, but we are not there yet. Know that over the last 10 years, the average box office is more than $ 550,000,000 for this type of movie.

As if it were not enough that the best animation talents are at the service of this project, here are the first actors who were seduced by the general idea and who confirm their presence on the film PLUSH to embody the original voices of the many main characters : Eric Judor, Kev Adams, Audrey Lamy, Camille Lellouche, Youssef Hajdi, Ludovik, Rayan Bensetti, Paola Locatelli, Laura Dutilleul, Poqssi, Dadju, GIMS and soon others.

A motley NFT collection

The NFT PLUSH collection consists of 50,000 unique teddy bears, from the simple stuffed teddy bear to the astronaut and the teddy bear in a prom dress. They are offered in many environments and equipped with a variety of accessories, clothing, to put together a heterogeneous, exciting and fun collection. This abundance of combinations acts as a mirror of society and allows each member of the community to find their personality in the form of a sweet, funny, mischievous, sometimes whimsical teddy bear. There is something for everyone!

At the moment, the price of an NFT has not been revealed, we just know that they will be available on the platform, but if you are interested in knowing when and how to get into the PLUSH world, go for it official website, as well as on their social networks.

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