Axel (Married at First Sight) again as a couple: his unpublished secrets

Axel had embarked on an extraordinary adventure by integrating Married at First sight. Like his peers, he decided on the M6 ​​that it was time for him to marry someone who matched his romantic ideal. Unfortunately, despite the work of the show’s experts, not all couples on the show are made to last. That’s why Axel and Caroline, despite 80% participation, did not succeed. To play the game, they got married and decided to get to know each other. But it was harder for Caroline than for her husband to make this kind of effort. So decided not to have the bad role by trying to force emotions, the young man decided to put an end to the adventure.

Audience of Married at First sight is necessarily disappointed to see that couples can not hold. If they follow this program, it is actually to watch love stories born on their TV screens. And thus let you transport, between excitement and emotion. Object will not surprise you on the other hand by telling you that the majority of viewers had chosen the Axel camp. They will therefore be happy to learn that despite the failure of his marriage to Caroline, the young man is in a relationship!

Axel has found love again, he is satisfied and happy

From the day of the ceremony, the time of the meeting between Axel and Caroline, the public may have been in doubt about this association. It was actually possible to read the young woman’s disappointment at the discovery of her future husband. Not only did she find him too small for her, she found it strange that he had taken stuffed animals with him. Our readers may know this, but ever since Tom Holland and Zendaya hit the headlines, couples where the woman is taller than her partner have been in the spotlight. As for the stuffed animals, they represented Axel’s dogs. The animals had not been able to accompany him, but they are so important in their master’s life that he had wanted to present them to Caroline in advance.

In the end, it did not take long for fans to do so Married at First sight to be attached to Axel. And then to despise Caroline for each of her criticisms or reservations. Of course, it was still their adventure and they had to listen to their hearts to make the right decisions. Therefore read offObject Knowing this, it will not have been necessary to wait too long for the bride and groom to decide to end their relationship. Here, fans of the show once again found Caroline’s behavior disgusting, in the face of Axel’s considered impeccable attitude. The controversy over this couple Married at First sight was therefore not done getting people to talk about them.

After this “friendship scene”, or the breaking scene between Axel and Caroline, the media regularly gave the floor to the young woman. But the young man seldom agreed to express himself. However, you have to believe that when he does, he does not do it halfway …

Explosive confidence

In fact, in a long interview between Axel and the teams from Tele-Fritidthe candidate to Married at First sight announced to be in a relationship! “Today it will not change anything to say whether I have someone or not, especially since I tease him a little. (…) Yes, I have someone today. There is no privacy issue there. It’s been a few months now. We plan to move in soon. »he explained.

“He is a person who was in my circle of friends. She is a friend of friends. We knew of each other’s existence, but we had never met each other, and we had never thought we would end up together. When we met, it was love at first sight. We stared into each other’s eyes, in that moment we knew it was good. It’s a beautiful story. », Axel added. He then specified that his companion was following his adventure on the M6.

“She’s very proud of me. She recognizes me in what you see on television. I’m respectful, caring, attentive to others. She’s happy to see people feel like I’m a good person. She’s very “mature, open and tolerant. Looking back, this is the person I described in my ‘Married at First Sight’ questionnaire. It was the right time to meet.”Axel finished, determined on a small cloud. Object do not hide from you that since this revelation, all eyes are on Caroline and her reaction …

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