Couple with Voulzy, Cancer, DALS, adopted daughter, coffee break, death of her life husband ..

Véronique Jannot celebrates her 65th birthday on May 7th. The opportunity to tell his journey filled with pitfalls, pain but also great joys. The disappearance of her great love, her medium-sized mother (who died in an accident), her sterility, her passion, what saved her … and the artist’s other secrets.

Born May 7, 1957 in Annecy (Haute-Savoie), Véronique Jannot is 65 years old. The actress who played along with by Alain Delon, Thierry Lhermitte or even Gérard Lanvin, underwent painful trials during his life: from his Cancer tragic his mother’s deathpassing through the announcement of his sterility and it the death of the man of her life. But the actress Tomorrow belongs to us has also experienced great happiness as his relationship with Laurent Voulzy Where the adoption of his daughter. Secrets and vicissitudes of life for an artist with many hats.

Véronique Jannot began her television career in 1972 in serial Unge Fabre by Cecile Aubry.

– After several years of making herself known on the small screen, Véronique Jannot got her first step in the cinema in The doctorby Pierre Granier-Deferre, med Alain Delon.

Véronique Jannot: The disease that took everything from her

– As a 22-year-old, she discovers that she has one Uterine cancer. Unfortunately chemotherapy makes her sterile.

– Véronique Jannot is one horse-lover.

Coffee break: the inauguration

– In the 80’s, thanks to her role as Joëlle Mazart, social worker of a suburban college, in series Coffee break, she made herself known to the general public and even tried her hand at singing. The production of the program requires that he sing initial and final credits. An opportunity that she seizes with both hands! She is recording All children need to dream, end texts of the series and We go into lifeopening texts for the series.

– The singer continues to give voice and publishes several titles such as I made love with the seawhose lyrics she wrote to music by Pierre Bachelet, or even Desire, desireas she sings in the duet with Laurent Voulzy.

Véronique Jannot: Passion and drama with Didier Pironi

– For several years she lives a romance with Formula 1 driver, Didier Pironi. She met him in 1982 when she was asked to pose with the driver for a car magazine. Fast they fall in love each other, she says his book Find the way, published by Michel Lafon. A few weeks later, in August 1982, Didier Pironi was victim of an accident which could have been fatal to him. Véronique Jannot, she puts her career on hold to help the one she loves climb the slope. Unfortunately, death ends up separating them in 1987, then The Formula 1 driver dies in an offshore boat race. “When Didier died, I was lost a piece of me which I will never return“, she confided.

Cancer: its intimate enemy

– Due to the shock, she is facing a recurrence of her uterine cancer. This time no chemotherapy for the actress. “I tried one homeopathic treatment which did not work, so I tried another treatment, a combination of amino acids, a homeopathic molecule and acupuncture. And after not even two months, I noticed that something was changing in my bodyShe remembered Tele-Fritid.

Véronique Jannot and Laurent Voulzy: love always

– After this tragedy, Véronique Jannot fell under the spell of Laurent Voulzywho wrote several songs for him. “We’ve been together for a long time. It lasted ten years. We laughed a lot … It was one great and beautiful story“, she explained in the show The unexpected parentheses.

– Veronique Jannot beat up with the singer as she thinks “-one great teenager“. The actress told, in The unexpected parentheses: “For me, talent gives many excuses becausethere are people who are not created for everyday life or for the couple, and Laurent, an exceptional creature, is one of them“. But they remain friends forever:My love for him will last to the grave“.

Buddhism and philosophy

– Véronique Jannot is now converted to Buddhism and is very active in the association The seeds of the futurewhich supports Tibetan children in exile.

It was thanks to this association, during a trip to northern India, that she met one Tibetan orphan, Migmar, which changes his life forever. She decides to do so adopt it.

Véronique Jannot, mother of 57

When she came right into my life, my life was quiet, established. To become a mother at the age of 57it’s still a tsunami, especially since it was no longer a little girl but a teenager with all her baggage of love, lust, anger, frustrations, her whole story”She explained to the Gala.

– Now 22 years old, Migmar dreams of becoming an instructor and even created a YouTube channel.

DALS and everything for music

– In 2011, Véronique Jannot participated in the second season of Dance with the stars on TF1, along with dancer Grégoire Lyonnet, and finished in sixth place in the competition.

– In 2012, Véronique Jannot released her album dedicated to children, with the title Soft. Natasha St-Pier, Gérard Lenorman, Henri Salvador, Yannick Noah and Lim participate.

His mother’s death (mental)

– In October 2016 his mother Colette dies of a heart attack, caused by the shock during an accident between his vehicle and a scooter in Saint-Chéron. His mother wasmedium and psychologist“, explained the actress to the website of the Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences. And to clarify:She had extraordinary glimpses of incredible clarity. She could immediately put her finger on the core of a problem (…) She so did the dead.

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