Cyril Hanouna (TPMP) as a couple or single? Focus on his love life

Cyril Hanouna is best known as a TV host. His famous show “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” has thousands of fans. On the set, the columnists talk about TV and media news. They welcome many guests as they interview in a friendly atmosphere. Today, Cyril Hanouna arouses curiosity because he gets a romantic relationship with a famous young woman. Objeko reveals to you who is the one who would have managed to tip the heart of the host on C8.

Today, everyone knows Cyril Hanouna! Radio and TV host, columnist, producer, actor and even screenwriter, he wears a large number of hats. But what makes it successful today is actually its program that airs on C8. Cyril Hanouna thus has thousands of subscribers to his social networks. One thing is for sure, he is popular with viewers, but what about his privacy? Without further ado, we will teach you a little more about the subject.

Cyril Hanouna, very discreet about her privacy

Although he spends a lot of time on television, Cyril Hanouna does not reveal much about his privacy. It is therefore difficult for his fans to know the details of his love life. Many of them, however, ask questions to the one who has thrilled the host’s heart in recent weeks. Despite his estimates, we know some information about his loves. For example, “” revealed that Cyril was living a long romance with a young woman named Emilie. With it, he would even have had children. The couple lived a true love story, but it gradually lost momentum over time. Cyril Hanouna’s occupation appears to be one of the reasons for the breach. In fact, the couple divorced a long time ago.

Unfortunately for his fans, the host perfectly manages to keep his privacy a secret. Despite his daily presence on television, no magazine can reliably reveal the names of the women who seduced Cyril Hanouna.

Internet users give him a relationship with a columnist

Today, the host of “Touche Pas à Mon Poste” would be in a relationship with Kelly Vedovelli. The beautiful blonde also has several strings for her bow. She studied make-up before becoming known as a DJ. She worked in events and occupied a columnist chair in the famous show by Cyril Hanouna. As for this new relationship with Kelly, the host has not yet spoken.

The rumor has already been spreading for several months on the networks. In February, “TPMP” released a program discussing romantic relationships at work. All the columnists then told an anecdote about them except Kelly Vedovelli! Cyril Hanouna therefore spoke directly with the young woman to find out if she had already had a romantic relationship at work. Questions she answered with an annoyed look: We will say no. At the start of the show, while the host ironically amused himself over an intimate relationship he would have had the day before, Kelly did not seem entertained. These exchanges have only revived viewers’ suspicions of a potentially romantic relationship between the two colleagues.

Cyril Hanouna remains silent

Always discreet about his love life, the flagship host of C8 has never formalized a relationship since his divorce from the mother of his children. In the end, we can not be sure of the existence of this relationship with Kelly Vedovelli. On the other hand, internet users are convinced! Of course, Cyril Hanouna is aware of the rumors about him, but he prefers to keep quiet.

Recently, however, he declared on the website of “Voici” that he was single. He added that only his work interests him. Not only discreetly, Cyril Hanouna does not seem to make her love life a priority. In the end, his admirers do not know what to think. As for us, we are as always on the lookout for the latest revelations to keep you informed as soon as possible!

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