Evreux. A “mini-waste center” at the foot of a building on rue Isaac-Newton

At the foot of the building, located on the corner of Isaac-Newton and de Broglie streets, in Evreux (Eure), bulky rubbish has been piling up for weeks.

Located between avenue du Maréchal Foch and rue de la Rochette, Evreux (Eure), the quiet Isaac Newton Street houses a few pavilions, few-story buildings and the university town.

But even since the beginning of the year, a landfill of bulky objects, a “mini-waste disposal center”, has regretted Rachid Mimoun. Together with his wife, he is in charge of this sad spectacle, which is two meters from the window of his kitchen.

Parking spaces

Until December 2021, this stretch of sidewalk was reserved for parking. Saeim Agire, which manages this building at the intersection of rue Louis de Broglie, has decided otherwise. Metal barriers have been set up that delimit a room where you can deposit the “monsters”.

Until then, they were brought by the guard to the corner of the sidewalk, on the 1st Thursday of the month. Now neighbors to the building, but also people who do not live in the neighborhood, throw their garbage all the time, day, night, at the beginning or at the end of the month. They do not respect anything.

Rachid MimounNearby rue Isaac-Newton

Car helmet

Sofa, chair, armchair, can of paint, refrigerator, toilet bowl, miscellaneous furniture, boxes, mattresses, plastic buckets, what we saw during our visit, looks like a furniture in Prévert style. We have already seen household appliances, car rims, a supermarket cart, a bicycle, among other things waste.

A resident in neighboring pavilions is also one of the dissatisfied residents. “I do not understand the reason for this decision. It is a quiet and clean neighborhood. The other day there was even a bonnet,” she says. Like Rachid, Ébroïcienne wakes up regularly at night, “sometimes at. 4-5 in the morning, by a truck unloading or rummaging through it “.

Because as often this waste has the right to a new life, see this refrigerator carried away before our eyes, barely back. “We’ve never seen it like this. A neighbor went, he had to store this when he left. The neighborhood puts his garbage here. Since it’s open, it’s not very clean,” says another resident of the building.

“Kids playing here”

Several residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with Saiem Agire without getting a response. Arrested on the Twitter network, the mayor of Evreux Guy Lefrand and his deputy for environment and quality of life, Nicolas Gavard-Gongallud, no longer responded. When asked, the municipality and the urban area say that they have taken note of the request. “Nothing is moving,” sighs our resident.

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Meanwhile, neighbors fear for the quality of life, but also the safety of their neighborhoods. “Children play here. Think if you get hurt. There is also a risk of fire,” fears Rachid Mimoun. Concerns are also environmental, with the disposal of potentially polluting waste.

An area to finish

Through the voice of its administrative and financial director and acting general manager, Régis Condette, Saeim Agire confirms that it has installed this area for voluminous objects, “as in many neighborhoods”. “It was an inquiry from Évreux Portes de Normandie, which manages the collection that we worked with. They were everywhere before. We tried to clean something, ”explains the manager.
Currently open to the sky, the site is not finished, announces landlord. “There are still panels to set up to close it and clean something. This has been put on hold due to material supply issues,” says Régis Condette.
The landlord assures that he has not heard of the dissatisfaction of the local residents. “If it’s a problem, then we’ll see. We’re already finishing it.”


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