how to access these jobs that many dream of practicing?

You may have heard of the following professions, “Game Designer” and “Motion Designer”but do you really know what they overlap, and what are the tasks that need to be performed? these two different professions † We invite you to take a closer look at these two professions who have the wind in their sailsand to give you all the necessary information to access it, if you ever have the hope do this kind of work

what you need to know about being a game designer

Let’s start talking about game designer job† The Game Designer actually occupies a position of paramount importance in the production of a video game. It is up to him, in fact, that the task of design falls the gameplay of a gameto make it as attractive as possible. His role comes just after that of project manager, that is, if you already know what type of game you want to make, for what audience, and with what budget?

He will then have to start from a written screenplay to transcribe itconsidering not only the scenes, actions, situations, but also the interfaces and to the various protagonists of the game, not to mention the different (and hypothetical) difficulty levels players will have to deal with. Being a Game Designer can be learned, as we’ll see later, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll have to the latter not only shows imaginationbut also a great technical control to carry out the necessary work.

What you need to know about being a motion designer

The role of the motion designerfor its part, designing and producing graphic productions that include video, 3D animation, special effects, sounds, even typography. But why would you do it, you’ll tell us? Well, today it is a sought after profession in different areassuch as music videos or advertisements, just to name a few. The motion designer basically has the dual role of “creative” and “technician”, and is expected to create audiovisual, animated and interactive content.

This job mainly requires: a creative mind, and know how to work in a team. In terms of knowledge of the software used daily, different schools such as: Creation supyou can train yourself.

zoom in on the sup school of creation

Alain MahieuFounder of Sup de Création, in 1988 designed the first school in France to train creative people capable of understanding major projects and branding issues. From 2016, the Sup creation schoolbased in Paris, it opens its recognized pedagogy to the most advanced sectors of the creative industry, to: students to realize their projects.

dPrestigious institutional partners (such as Canal+ or Unicef), large desks (like Marcel, Brand Station or even Buzzman), as well as creative studios (such as Blackmea or Dontnod) intervene within the school to raise the high level of requirements and thus meet the needs of professionals.

The course of study is relative by sector as the school offers the following four programs:

  • Graphic design/advertising : Advertising sector
  • Audiovisual creation : Filmmaking sector
  • Creation in 2D/3D animation and motion design : Motion & Animation sector
  • Video game creation : Game Making sector

Each sector offers a professionalization trajectory from Post-Bac to Bac+5, by positioning the alternation from the third year of study, so that graduation with a title state-certified level 6

everything about the Motion & Animation sector (to become a motion designer)

The Sup School of Creation offers to acquire all the necessary skills to become true professionals of Motion Design in agencies, thanks to the Motion & Animation sector

This course is primarily aimed at enabling students to understand and master customer demand analysis, positioning, the creative axis and the use of a graphic charter to make an animated video : credits, digital banners, advertisements, animated logos, short films, compositing. Among the courses that can be followed within this sector, you will find, for example, the following courses:

  • The culture of motion design
  • sound design
  • Graphic design
  • Graphic design applied to motion design
  • Typography

on their side, seminars and concrete cases promoting the acquisition and practice of methodologies for the exploration of ideas, graphic and artistic monitoring and audiovisual design. As a result, the students learn to design the whole from a Motion Design project from the letter of intent to production, including storyboarding and color correction, and develop the visual components (design, logo, colors, tonality, typography, etc.), using the appropriate software (Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc.), to enable them to become licensed Motion Designers.

all about The game-making sector (to become a gamer designer)

Now let’s focus on the GAME Making sector of the Sup de Création school† The latter offers a cycle aimed at creating original universes in gaming and managing video game projects. Although a large number of technical training courses are offered in France, that of Sup de Création is designed by professionals working at the forefront of the video game market. In the first year of the Game Design sectorstudents are introduced to the entire universe of gaming, working on the basics of screenwriting, designing video game universes and acquiring a complete culture video game

The second year of the course makes the development and the creation of the student’s own universet, and the third year, for its part, prepares those who want to become Narrative Designer or Visual Designer. Among the courses to be followed within this sectoryou will find for example:

  • Unity/Unreal Development
  • Narrative and visual design
  • Business communication and social networks
  • game design
  • Video design and trailer
  • Branding / Concept Design

A sector that therefore wants to prepare itself the best the future Game Designers of tomorrow, and those who want to venture into an additional industry, to Narrative designer or visual designer

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