INTERVIEW. Julien says it all about her relationship with Emma Keitmann


– Published on May 6, 2022 at 11:29

During an exclusive interview given to the editorial staff of Melty, Julien confided in one of the anonymous candidates for La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7. His relationship with Emma Keitmann, his favorites, his adventures … He said it all!

Thanks to season 7 of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés, viewers could meet Julian, one of the anonymous candidates of this issue. From the beginning of his adventure, the young man knew how to find his place. At the same time, with his kindness and humor like his, it’s hard not to fit in. Adored by all, the beautiful blonde also found love in this show. In fact, at the moment, in the episodes, he is in a relationship with Emma Keitmann, a young woman who is well known by the general public. Recently, melty’s editorial staff had the chance to interview Julien! True to himself, the candidate trusted himself in all honesty. His relationship with the influencer, his favorites, his adventures… He said it all!

This is the first time you’re attending a reality TV show. Can you introduce yourself to the meltynauts who do not know you?

Julien, candidate for La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7 : My name is Julien, I’m 22 years old and I’m a golf teacher. I like to party, I like to have fun, I like my life, and I try to make others like me.

How did you come to integrate the TV world?

Julian: By coincidence ! I was offered, I passed the casting, I liked it, and contrary to stereotypes, I found it very well organized, very professional. So I thought, why not go into it and try to see what happens.

You arrive at the adventure as a seducer. Why ? Did you not consider yourself a broken heart?

Julian: I’m a seducer and not a broken heart. I do not even think I would have found anything wrong. I am lucky to feel good in my sneakers and have a pretty nice life. I think I would have been ashamed to come as a broken heart and tell me in life that I’m very sorry because I could not find the couple I wanted. I love my life so I would never allow myself to appear crushed. Especially since the others have experienced difficult things in their lives!

From the beginning of the adventure, you seem to be in love with Emma Keitmann. What do you like best about her?

Julian: Their eyes! She has eyes that are atypical anyway. I’m jealous! But in any case, I would never have expected to have such a big crush on someone by integrating the adventure. The more unexpected, the more beautiful it is. I had already felt things for other people, but it’s very different from what I felt with Emma in La Villa. I do not know if that’s the context, but in the meantime it’s very different.

Had you already heard of her thanks to the various shows she had participated in?

Julian: Not at all ! Reality TV is not my background at all. I do not see at all it is people etc it is not at all my world. I did not know that people had so many followers.

Because of her lack of confidence in herself and in men, she made you fight at the beginning of your story in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7. How did you experience it?

Julian: I did not experience it badly! But it was annoying, boring. I wanted it to go fast, no one wants patience when you feel something like that. But I tried to understand Emma, ​​and I did not experience it badly. We will say that I was not patient! I wish it went faster because we wasted time on it, but hey, maybe it ended in something nice!

Eventually you manage to tame it and you pair up on this adventure. How did you experience this beginning of romance?

Julian: I see it very badly! No, I’m kidding, I lived it very well. The first kiss is a moment that will never happen twice as it is the first. So that’s something I want to do well every day. It is something I have experienced very well, which I myself greatly appreciated. But at one point, I said to myself that a kiss was a kiss. There it was something else!

Can we say you were in love at the time of the first kiss?

Julian: I do not know ! I think that’we always realize that we were really in love with someone when we lose them. I do not know what I’m feeling at the moment, but in any case, it’s a feeling I’m discovering.

Do you still understand Emma’s reactions to you?

Julian: Yes I understand ! I do not think it was easy for her, and then she might not have taken the easiest way of living either. I’m very partying, so for someone who lacks confidence, I can well understand that she was a little cold from time to time. It’s also due in part to his problem. I knew at the beginning of the show that she had this problem, so afterwards I could not afford to complain as she was a bit distant. I knew where I was going and she was very clear to me.

On social networks, you are seen by many internet users as the perfect girlfriend, especially from your patient’s side, etc. How do you live it?

Julian: I live it normally because I was myself. So that’s just as much for me!


Julian: Yes ! I got along very well with everyone I like everyone. But really, hugs I love Cassandra, I love Giovanni, I love them all.

On the contrary, people with whom the power did not go?

Julian: What to see! For the moment in the episodes, I get along with everyone, but maybe it’s after that war. You will have to see!

Can you summarize your adventure in three words?

Julian: Sincerity, unexpected and atypical! It really was a beautiful adventure full of emotion.

Many rumors on social networks still advertise you in a relationship with Emma. What can you answer to that?

Julian: What I can tell you is to follow La villa well and that I am still in the same situation. We are together, we are not together, we are in love, we are not in love … it’s up to you to see La Villa.

One last word to the meltynauts?

Julian: So love your life, see La Villa and love yourself as I love myself. And I love them as much as I love myself!

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