Litebit, the new crypto destination in the heart of Europe

Buy, sell, save your cryptocurrencies. Finally, the priorities for the majority of users are quite simple. Add a good dose of security, a touch of usability and you have the ideal platform to take your first steps into the sometimes scary world of digital currency. It is by seeking the best answer to its users’ expectations that LiteBit has developed its version of the crypto exchange. A successful bet as it is now hailed by European cryptocurrencies. Let’s go to Holland to discover a broker like no other where customer service is the core of the concerns.

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Litebit, a crypto platform on a human scale

It was in 2012 that the two founders of LiteBit sought to buy cryptocurrencies for the first time. To their great dismay, they encounter the opacity of the middlemen of the time. Sending money by transfer to an obscure bank account and then waiting a few dozen hours for the cryptocurrencies to arrive was the only way to invest. This experience was a trigger for them. The start of an adventure that would lead them seven years later to win the award for “Best Crypto Broker”, in 2019 and 2020.

Since 2013 and the establishment of their company in Rotterdam, they have actually not stopped improving their interface and evolving. Thus, LiteBit now has almost 110 employees of 15 different nationalities. Based on the idea of ​​reassuring the customer and securing transactions, they choose from the beginning to comply with national and European rules.

Litebit has managed to gain acceptance from all financial authorities in Europe to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies legally
Litebit complies with European legislation

Strong credibility achieved by the financial authorities

LiteBit was thus the first crypto platform to receive permission from the Central Bank of the Netherlands. A title that guarantees a company that complies with the laws on combating money laundering and terrorist financing. LiteBit is then quickly registered with the FMA (Financial Market Supervision) in Austria for the same reasons.

She’s coming to France the famous PSAN with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF). By meeting all the regulatory criteria, the company actually obtains the right to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider. An important sesame for offering French users cryptocurrencies in accordance with the law.

Litebit: a relevant and complete crypto offer

LiteBit currently offers nearly 70 cryptocurrencies. You will find TOP 50 stars as well as a few grains of gold excavated by a team of experts that will allow you to enrich the diversity of your portfolio. Transactions are simplified as much as possible to make them available to the largest number of users.

Thus, to make your purchases, you can use a debit card or make a bank transfer to deliver your local wallet in euros. The platform is of course available on all types of operating systems. But be aware that if you want it, you will not miss any of the market during your travels or your vacation thanks to an ergonomic and complete mobile application, available under Android or iOS.

Thanks to its mobile application, Litebit allows investors to track their cryptocurrency trades in any case
Litebit interface is available on IoS and Android

A team that cares about its customers

Finally, it must be acknowledged that the great strength of this broker lies in its customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And in our mother tongue thank you! No more hassles cat with robots on the other side of the world, makes room for a real business relationship in French. Telephone assistance, contact form or instant messaging, make your choice of support and simply communicate with a real person at your service.

Registration will require certain controls that are crucial to the safety of your funds and the guarantee of a relationship of trust. You will need to prove your identity by passing on what is known in the financial community as and KYC. The abbreviation for “Know your customer » simply means “know your customer”. a legal obligation for centralized platforms that allows the company to be sure of the identity of each individual user, who can thus create a personal and individualized account. Once these formalities are completed, you will have the pleasant surprise to receive a welcome bonus worth € 20.

In the wonderful world of crypto, some platforms Trading companies have relied on a wealth of services and derivative products. Others have focused on mobility or even on an arm’s length list of cryptocurrencies. We just got to know LiteBit. A European broker who has chosen simplicity, reliability and ease of use. But you will have understood, dear readers, these values ​​are not synonymous with minimum service, on the contrary! For as Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

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