Mélanie Da Cruz reconciled with Anthony Martial? This gesture that appeals to Internet users

Mélanie Da Cruz is a star in the reality TV world who had a love story with Anthony Martial, a world-famous football player. But their romance is not a long calm river. In fact, we tell you where the couple is!

Mélanie Da Cruz: a new heart to take?

Mélanie Da Cruz became famous thanks to Secret story 8 and to Reality TV angels. But before she started on this world of rhinestones and sequins, she had a very different life. In fact, the young woman has always been passionate about sports, especially football. He is a real tomboy in his youth. But in her teens, she left the round ball and decided to become a hostess. Until that day she drops everything to try the TV adventure. If we are based solely on her salary thanks to her product placements, she did well to change careers …

She made the decision to take a media break when she gave birth to her son Swan with Anthony Martial. Their love story was so passionate that she got her darling’s name tattooed on her hip. To repeat the chronology of their relationship, it was in February 2018 that she declared online to be 4 months pregnant. On July 25, 2018, the beautiful young woman gave birth to her son. Less than a year later, on March 24, 2019, Mélanie Da Cruz announced that she was engaged to Anthony Martial. In January 2020, the influencer confesses on the set of TPMP that she secretly married the football player. It does not specify the date. March 31, 2022 is the break …

Fans knew there were ups and downs in the pair, but they did not expect a final separation. In addition, Mélanie Da Cruz has just had a new abortion. Thus, we imagine that the influencer is really in bad shape with a lot of emotions to control.

Mélanie Da Cruz announces her separation online

Sometimes to win a race you have to stop running … I’m not usually talking about my private life … but for everyone’s happiness and future I have to do it today. There is no such thing as a slight breakup, but it can be done with the utmost respect and modesty on my part. Living together is a long road that is often filled with pitfalls. Giving up is not part of my character, but this is where our paths diverge. Almost three years where we said “yes”, I thought for life, unfortunately love was not enough. It is impossible for me to put into words HERE what I feel because my pain can not be written. Nevertheless, our priority is and will be the Swan’s welfare“, We can read on the account instagram by Melanie Da Cruz. But a few days later there was a dramatic turnaround!

Intercourse for the couple?

Mélanie Da Cruz has certainly passed her thirties since she just celebrated her 31st birthday. This day has not gone unnoticed by internet users and all his relatives. The beautiful mother has actually received a wealth of messages and one in particular … from her husband, Anthony Martial. That was enough to start a rumor. From there, many actually wondered if the couple was together again. Especially since another detail warned the consequences … and not least! The former reality TV contestant deleted the post where she declared her breakup with Anthony Martial … A strange case … Is this proof that the two young parents have patched things up? In a few days we will definitely have the answer … Continued …

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