Monoprix sells two exclusive NFT collections featuring Vincent Darré and Yazid Ichemrahen

The emblematic and consumer brand continues to celebrate its 90th anniversary! After a unique exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris that retells its history and its connections withuniverse designMonoprix surprises everyone by being one step ahead: the brand offers from this spring to acquire NFTunderstand digital works in limited numbers.

Creations by Vincent Darré and Yazid Ichemrahen available in NFT

Always true to its pioneering and democratic spirit, Monoprix makes beauty accessible to all, and this from an angle that is increasingly in harmony with the times. Is it time for virtual reality? Monop ‘follows the movement without hesitation! The brand goes together about this first virtual experience with two leading creators and longtime partners. Since the beginning of April, six NFTs must therefore be procured in limited quantities. Among the creations we find a digital cake, available in 90 copies, imagined by Yazid Ichemrahena unique work between design, simplicity, tradition and modernity “. On his side, the unique and productive Vincent Darré offers 5 works of precious and whimsical poetry as he has the secret. Digital drawings as in the crossroads between dreams, surrealism and baroque. Artistic works are available in a number of 18 copies each.

Those original and exclusive creations stands out as a real opportunity to move from the real world to web 3.0 and discover with curiosity this virtual landscape that has sparked passions for months, especially in California, in the heart of Silicone Valley.

What are NFTs (at Monoprix)?

If this news that revolutionizes the virtual universe – like the art market by the way – has escaped you, here’s a quick topo about this parallel world, which in advance seems much less simple than a classic Monoprix department!

that NFT is a digital certificate of authenticity which is attached a photo, video or artwork. This certification is irrevocably stored on blockchain, which makes it more effective than a traditional certificate of authenticity on paper. Blockchain looks like one huge database shared by millions of computers and which thus allows people to transfer differently digital assets as NFTsTokens (Bitcoin style) in a decentralized way, all without interference from a third party.

To buy one (or more) works and therefore get this precious NFT, you need create a wallet and buy ETHa cryptocurrency equivalent to Bitcoin, where each work is offered at 0.09 ETH (i.e. 267 euros depending on the exchange rate), as a nod to the brand’s 90th anniversary. These various steps, deciphered via very practical tutorials, are available on the Monoprix platform, gives you access to the transaction. By investing in NFT works offered by Monoprix from now on you will be in possession of a certificate of authenticity, accessible and observable on the blockchain, that means you want to own the digital work. Thus, regardless of the number of existing copies: you will be the sole holder of this unique copy and a symbol of the world of the future.

In pictures, here are the virtual works to discover for this first NFT experience at Monoprix:

Exquisite Corpse by Vincent Darré

Lunch on the Lawn by Vincent Darré

Melodies by Vincent Darré

Still Life by Vincent Darré

Metaphysical perspective by Vincent Darré

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