The Sadi-Lecointe Museum in Beaucamps-le-Jeune is open all day on 8 May

Patrice Lecointe in front of her older brother's grave in Beaucamps-le-Jeune Cemetery (above, archive photo).  Airmen's outfits (bottom left).  The entrance to the museum on the corner of rue Sadi-Lecointe (bottom right).
Patrice Lecointe in front of her older brother’s grave in Beaucamps-le-Jeune Cemetery (above, archive photo). Airmen’s outfits (bottom left). The entrance to the museum on the corner of rue Sadi-Lecointe (bottom right). (© The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

Joseph Sadi-Lecointe is the great-uncle of Patrice Lecointe. It was after a car accident in 1993 that he fell in love with the story of his ancestor. Joseph Sadi-Lecointe, Picardie’s personality, became a very big name in French pioneer aviation from 1910 to 1930. “During her immobilization in Berck-sur-Mer in 1993, my husband tried to collect documents, donations and used items,” explains his wife Jeanine Lecointe. With the items also inherited from her family, Patrice Lecointe sets out to find a place to house this collection around aviation. Together with his wife, they travel the Nordic roads to find a place. But faced with a complicated search, the historian then thinks Beaucamps-le-Jeune.

The house in the open air

Why this city?

Because a Sadi-Lecointe street already existed. He was also born in 1891 nearby in Saint-Germain-sur-Bresle. And his mother came to live in Beaucamps-le-Jeune.

Jeanine Lecointe

5 years ago, the couple came across a building on the corner of the street named after the famous soldier. This built in the 1840s had served as a cafe and post office. But above all, she is in a bad condition. “It was more of a wreck. The house had burned down. It was completely open to the sky, ”adds the septuagener. It does not matter, they choose the house, as former Mayor Alain Desbiendras presented. In addition, it took a year of work to accommodate the collection.

The museum also has collections from World War II.
The museum also has collections from World War II. (© The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

Develop school visits

The private museum usually visits by appointment. “We are both retired. If we are called, we will come,” Jeanine Lecointe wants to reassure. The couple also goes to every ThursdayHesdin (Pas-de-Calais) to take care of the museum.

The house welcomed 800 visitors last year. Also Francis Delcourt, municipal councilor in Beaucamps-le-Jeune, helps Lecointes as a volunteer.

School visits should be developed. But they are not very responsive. It would be nice to see 12-13 year old children.

Francis Delcourt

“It’s important for education. And the children then talk about it at home, ”adds the person who takes care of the administrative part of the museum. She also wants more external financial assistance. Apart from the grant from the municipality to associations, the seven-year-old admits that he has not received any other help. “It’s a lost fund,” she says ironically.

The 100m2 building will be built soon.
100 m building2 will be built there. (© The Awakening of Neufchâtel)

A new building of 100 m2

Finally, Patrice Lecointe should be able to build a new 100 m2 building very soon. The plate has already been poured. But the expansion project experienced a blockade of France’s buildings. The land on which the historian would like to expand his museum is actually located a few hundred meters from the church, a protected place. An architect from Aumale is working on the case to get a permit as soon as possible. “It will be a place dedicated to World War II and also to storage,” says the city council member.

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His wife regrets her husband’s absence for health reasons: “This is her baby. He is inexhaustible and knows his trade. But she reckons her good form is present on May 8th. With regard to the question, who will pick up the torch in the coming years? “Our two daughters are interested, but live far away. We do not know, ”admits Jeanine Lecointe. But she quickly returns to the present. “We will try to have more people than last year. Above all, we want to see a lot of children, ”she concludes.

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