This weekend in Paris … from 6 to 8 May


From her debut in 2020, Sycco, whose real name is Sasha McLeod, has proven a unique musical aura: psychedelic pop, touching voice and lyrics that arouse curiosity. Following the success of her singles “Dribble” and “Nicotine”, the singer-songwriter unveils “Sycco’s First EP”, where she brings together the paths to psychedelic rock, neo-soul and dance. She will be accompanied by Cloud for her first concert at PopUp!

  • “Skylight”: portrait of a community at the Théâtre du Rond-Point

He, a father and businessman, in his fifties at Rolex, a fine social climber, has a son who can not stand him any longer. She, a young idealistic teacher, lives in the north suburbs of London and teaches children in neglected neighborhoods. These two adults fell in love and then divorced. They find themselves. Everything counteracts them and they collide for one night. Fighting wild animals, they claim, collides with their certainty and their conviction. The success of one, the commitment of the other. But who grew up, who pampered? The fight, lively and inflamed, explodes under the gaze of a child who no longer knows where to stand. Claudia Stavisky, director of the Théâtre des Célestins in Lyon, orchestrates the sharp language of the British David Hare, a fierce portrait painter of a society under high tension.


  • An exhibition that does not lack air … At La Villette

La Villette presents Pop-Air, produced in collaboration with the Balloon Museum. This playful and immersive art project presents monumental works by international artists gathered for a unique inflatable experience! More than 5000 m² of Grande Halle has been transformed and immerses you in the heart of the works, from the most inflated to the most colorful. And are you ready for Pop Air?

“I invite you to my summer opening, at the Théâtre des Déchargeurs on Saturday 7 May at 16.00, where I will present my series of “pre-apocalypse studies”. The series runs until June 30, and I look forward to seeing you all! ” – Olivier Clerant

Saturday, May 7: the independent label Howlin ‘Banana turns 10 years old at Point Ephemere!

A decade full of records, concerts and tours, spent passionately defending a particular idea of ​​rock and pop “à la française”, between garage rock, postpunk, indie pop, psychedelia or shoegaze, by groups all cooler than each other , taken from the four corners of France. ” The happiest label in Ile-de-France will celebrate its decade with the groups Th Da Freak, Fontanarosa and Johnnie Carwash!


  • Victor Hugo in interview … In Lucerne

“Texts that resonate with our time, Hugo still has a lot to tell you!”What if the spirit of Victor Hugo visited you for an interview? A journalist asks Victor Hugo about his life, about writing, politics, religion. He answers straightforwardly and reveals himself. Each of his answers is composed exclusively of texts by Victor Hugo, excerpts from speeches, letters, novels, poems. Simple, funny or moving words of astonishing modernity that call for freedom.

An essential personality reveals his acting secrets in the intimacy and proximity of the Théâtre des Mathurins … This Sunday, May 8, it is with Michel Fau and his guests that you will spend the evening …An interview that combines anecdotes and good memories from his career, without forgetting the evocation of those who will have shaped his life as an artist. Presence of surprise guests, but also a game of questions and answers with the public.

  • Sunday night movie: Passengers of the night

Paris, 1980s. Elisabeth has just been abandoned by her husband and has to take care of the daily life of her two teenagers, Matthias and Judith. She finds a job in a night radio program where she meets Talulah, a vacant young girl, whom she takes under her wings. Talulah discovers the warmth of a home and Matthias the possibility of a first love while Elisabeth invents her way, perhaps for the first time. They all love each other, fight … did their lives start again?

Artistic Rezo wishes you a wonderful weekend!

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