Vanessa is assaulted by Loïc Mercier, she stabs him (summary of DNA episode 1183)

Preview of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”, detailed summary and spoilers for Wednesday, May 11, 2022, episode 1183 of DNA. In your daily series, Victor Brunet attacks Sylvain, François and Charlie are free to live their love while Vanessa is assaulted.


Vanessa is assaulted by Loïc Mercier, she stabs him (summary of DNA episode 1183)
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Tomorrow belongs to us: Summary of episode 1183 of Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Etienne takes the side of love

François wanted to wait until he formalized his relationship with Charlie, but she could no longer keep this secret to herself and revealed everything in a high school podcast the day before. François regrets that Charlie is not aware of the consequences of his action. Admittedly, they are adults, but Chloé can initiate disciplinary action against him because his role as a teacher obliges him to a certain moral ethic.

The students walk past them and giggle. Charlie gives them the middle finger. François asks Charlie to change his mind. He thought she was more mature. François tries to make Charlie realize that everyone is going to fall for him. But the young woman replies that when you are lucky enough to be loved by Charlie Molina, you shout it out, you shout it out.

Although the law does not provide for a criminal sanction regarding the relationship between a teacher and his adult pupil, Chloé is considering a disciplinary sanction against François. She feels that their relationship is very inappropriate as it is a subordinate relationship between a teacher and his student. Etienne takes the side of love, but Chloé can not afford to sit passively hoping that this relationship will slip under the radar.

Chloe summons Charlie and explains to him that the fact that François is her teacher puts him in a dominant position, which can create an imbalance in their relationship. But Charlie replies that it’s her who went to pick him up and who is leading the dance. She promises Chloe that everything is fine between them, and explains to her that she would like them to be left to live their relationship. Chloé then receives François, who tells her that he is ready to sacrifice himself for his marriage because his relationship with Charlie means a lot to him. Chloe reassures him, she has no intention of firing him, but she demands total discretion. She does not want any contact between him and Charlie within the establishment or even nearby, otherwise she will be obliged to punish him.

Charlie and Francois later find themselves happy and relieved. François is no longer angry with Charlie for revealing their story and apologizes for his stance this morning. Charlie confides in her side to François that she has never been so proud of a relationship.


Truer Victor Sylvain?

Sophie overhears Victor investigating Skeen’s hostage-taking. Victor explains to him that he is interested in the gold bar, which has not been found. Sophie asks Victor not to mix his stories in the company and wonders about his intentions. At the hospital, Victor meets Sylvain, who has come to pick up Christelle and hardly makes stolen allusions to her. He tells her in particular that he has a golden wife.

For dinner, Sylvain took out the beautiful dishes and ordered from the caterer. But he receives a message from an unknown number that cuts his appetite. This is a threatening message about the gold bar.

Vanessa stabs the serial killer

Vanessa has not slept all night. She keeps thinking about the last murder committed by the serial killer and asks Georges about the investigation. Georges explains to her that the same man is responsible for the last three murders, those of stylist Marie, florist Violette and pastry chef Gaëlle. Police also found a tiger rose in the stylist’s neck. The difference this time is that the killer injected the poison directly. Georges also mentions the word found on the stylist. Vanessa is afraid of becoming the next victim as the victims were related to Louise and Bart’s marriage. Georges promises Vanessa that no one will hurt her. Vanessa would like George to stay with her today, but he can not. He suggests taking Vanessa to Skeen and picking her up tonight after closing time.

Roxane was able to track, thanks to the city’s surveillance cameras, the final itinerary for stylist Marie. She even captured a picture of Loïc Mercier next to the victim’s van. Martin instructs Roxane to update Mercier’s coveted poster with this recent photo of him and to follow his journey.

The prosecutor is convinced that the message from Mercier about his last victim is addressed to him. Martin is sure that Perraud is doing it a little too personally and that he is wrong.

Mathilde is upset at the thought that her mother is postponing her wedding and that she cannot see her father and Aurélien. Louise left a wedding for Gary to warn him of the postponement. And she does not know if her tickets can be changed. Mathilde asks her mother if Gary and Aurélien could not come anyway because she misses her brother a lot. Louise decides to call back her ex-husband and son in the belief that it will be good for them to spend time with their family.

Roxane tried to make a script to capture Loïc Merker’s occurrences on the images from the city’s cameras. But the latter is very cautious and she has only about ten results. Martin notes on the map that Mercier was on its way to Agde, a place where there are many campsites. He sends a patrol there.

Leo missed his bus to chess and the next one is in 26 minutes. He calls Audrey to take her there. Audrey explains the situation to Vanessa, who is understanding

By extrapolating Merker’s habits in the city, Roxane noted that Mercier had passed Skeen several times in recent days. She confides her bad feeling to Georges, who immediately calls Vanessa to make sure everything is in order. Vanessa explains to her that she is all alone because Audrey may be absent. As a precaution, Georges asks him to close the door until he arrives. But moments later, Vanessa comes face to face with Mercier, who is holding a syringe in her hand. Vanessa panics and screams for help. She throws objects at him, but Mercier gains the upper hand over Vanessa. And when he is about to poison her with a syringe, the young woman grabs a kitchen knife and stabs him. Mercier floats on the visibly dead ground.

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