Who is still together (and who is not)

With season 1 of Married at First sight aired in 2014, the series is currently already in the middle of season 14 just eight years later. As the decision days for the 14th season approach, fans are currently discussing the future of this season’s five couples.

But with so many seasons in the air, fans often wonder what happened to older games. Season 11 ended about two years ago, giving Louisiana-based couples plenty of time to watch their marriages come to fruition or break up. Some remain fan-favorite matches to this day, as avid fans try to keep up with their current relationship status.

Amelia Fatski and Bennet Kirschner

Amanda and Bennet are fast becoming one of the biggest fan-favorite couples on Married at First sight, as their chemistry and attraction to each other was evident from the introductory episode. They were a bit of an unorthodox couple for the show, as the two had previously known each other a bit before being paired on the show. The two agreed to stay married when Decision Day arrived, and their previous relationship gave fans hope that the two would last for a long time.

Amanda and Bennet are no longer together

Despite fans’ hopes, the two quietly filed for divorce about a year after their season ended. None of them have ever really spoken publicly about their split, but court documents obtained by E! News revealed that the two officially filed for divorce in the fall of 2021. Despite the bond they had from the start, they are sadly not together.

Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey

Olivia and Brett were a bit of a cast miss, probably the only one in a season that is widely considered to be one of the best shows. The two constantly disagreed on important things, with Brett opposing the engagement, and Olivia struggled to compromise with Brett on many things. They eventually decided to end their relationship on Decision Day, but like some couples in the past, there is always a chance for reconciliation after the show.

Olivia and Brett are no longer together

There would ultimately be no reconciliation between these two, with Brett’s Instagram posting on him and his new buh.

It’s really no surprise, though, as the relationship seemed doomed from day one, where a good example was that Brett asked Olivia’s sister if she was single, as one of the first things he did .. ever told him personally. That being said, the two are still not together.

Karen Landry and Miles Williams

Karen and Miles were a couple who made fans wonder exactly what would happen on Decision Day. Although they certainly had many ups and downs, they also had a few downs, which they argued a few times. This can be expected with two people who have just met each other while trying to make a marriage work and they ultimately decided to stick to their relationship on decision day. However, some were skeptical of their long-term prospects.

Karen and Miles are still together

To this day, these two dwarf parrots remain poisonous, proving that the doubters are wrong. Their continued marriage ensured that season 11 would not end as season 13, with neither couple staying together. The two have often shared cute photos together on Instagram, where the two recently shared a photo while attending a music festival together in North Carolina. Their love clearly remains strong as the two are still together.

Amani Smith and Woody Randall

Amani and Woody touched viewers’ hearts throughout the season, as the two were apparently a match made in heaven. Amani immediately poured over the love Woody gave his family, and the two brought the show’s panel to tears as they opened up about their love for each other on Decision Day, making the choice easy .. to continue their relationship.

Other couples who seemed close, however, ended up getting divorced later, so it was not safe with these two.

Amani and Woody are still together

To continue with Karen and Miles’ success, Amani and Woody’s union is still strong to this day, making them yet another married TV couple staying together. It really is no surprise as the two were obviously in love with each other from the jump. They also continue to share their relationship on Instagram, where Miles recently posted a video of the two enjoying live music together. Both remain as strong as ever and are still together.

Christina Croce and Henry Rodriguez

Christina and Henry joined Olivia and Brett as a couple who decided to end their relationship on Decision Day and decided that it just did not work. It was more cordial than Liv and Brett as they wished the best for each other and kept the door open for a friendship even though their romantic relationship did not work out.

Christina and Henry are no longer together

Nothing has changed with these two since the end of the season. They remain separated and both have continued to see other people. Henry sometimes seemed uncomfortable sharing such intimate moments in front of a film crew, doing the couple a disservice by developing their relationship. To this day, the two are still not together.

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