A son-in-law for life

Motherly love can take different forms. For Christine Beaulieu, the attachment to her former son-in-law continued long after her separation from her father – and proved to be mutual. For the first time, they sat down to discuss this particular bond that unites them.

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Laila Maalouf

Laila Maalouf
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One of his earliest memories of Christine dates back to when she was 7 years old. Émile Dubois accompanied her father on a trip to Italy, where the actress was on tour for a theater performance. “I remember it was like an event to go and join her. I imagine as much for my father as for me,” says the young man.

Today Emile is 24 years old. The age that Christine Beaulieu was when she met Émile’s father and became the stepmother of this child, whom she immediately adopted.

“With Émile, it was never complicated. He was a child who was very easy to love, ”she remembers fondly. She gave him his bath, told him stories in the evenings, welcomed him into his family, where he still remembers the beautiful holiday times.

“I was happy to have a son-in-law, and he was very happy that we were together,” she emphasizes, recalling this period of her life when she was his stepmother, from 7 to 15 years old, as a “focal point” in her life.

An unbreakable bond

Photo by Dominick Gravel, LA PRESSE

Christine Beaulieu and Emile Dubois

Although Christine Beaulieu divorced Émile’s father when he was a teenager, their bond has not disappeared. She confides that what was most difficult for her in this separation was to think that she would never see this boy again, to whom she had given so much love.

The relationship that ended was between my dad and Christine. But that does not mean that the relationship between Christine and me necessarily ends. The good thing is, I also never felt like my dad wanted this relationship between me and Christine to end.

Emile Dubois

“The separation happened when I was a teenager, so there was a time when our paths parted. But I always knew that from time to time we should make contact; I did not feel that it was a definite separation “, emphasizes Émile.

For her part, Christine did not really know how to maintain her relationship with Émile while respecting her new life’s new life.

Then there was this summer in Carleton, in Gaspé, which for both of them is without a doubt the moment that confirmed to them that they could continue to maintain a bond “beyond the official relationship with mother-in-law, son-in-law”. The actress performed in a play and lived in a cottage on site with her new lover. Emile had gotten a girlfriend who he wanted to join in Carleton. – I do not know how it went through his head, but at least he ended up with us for two or three weeks, she says and laughs.

But for him, the rationale was basically very simple. Christine in Gaspésie, it was as if someone from her family was there.

“I was so happy that he was there to live these important moments with him. We had fun! And for me, it was not at all strange to have Émile under the roof. It was only natural that I just continued the relationship, I had with him. And that was when I said to myself that it is possible to continue to have a relationship with this child. ”

Return of the pendulum

Photo by Dominick Gravel, LA PRESSE

Although Christine Beaulieu divorced Émile’s father when he was a teenager, their bond has not disappeared.

Since then, there have been other moments that make her have tears in her eyes when she thinks about it. Like back then, three years ago when he came to bring her flowers with his girlfriend for her birthday. “I really cried there,” says Christine Beaulieu. It moved me a lot to see him. It’s beautiful how things come back over time, like the swing of the pendulum. All this love, all the energy and the time I gave him when he was little … He could not understand, it’s normal, he could not realize everything we had together. »

“For me, these are unforgettable memories. It’s beautiful for me to see Émile grow up because I saw him very young, with his strengths, his little weaknesses as a boy. He gained a lot of confidence growing up, I’m really impressed. He has a boyfriend, he is doing really well in his studies. I feel very, very proud on behalf of Émile, and I say to myself: if I was able to give him the love he needed while I was there, so much the better. It is still not trivial, this closeness we had. »

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