At La Chapelle-Gauthier, Jessica is a schoolteacher and jazz woman

Jessica Lamy, both schoolteacher and jazz artist in the big band D5B.
Jessica Lamy, both schoolteacher and jazz artist in the big band D5B. (© Publihebdos)

Jessica Lamy has a job that she loves, she is a teacher at the Chapelle-Gauthier school. But the teacher also has a peculiarity, a gift, that of having an extraordinary voice. Once the notebooks, books, and pens have come in the drawers and the students have gone home, she likes to go to the Bernay Conservatory to live out her second passion: singing.

The voice of the Intercom big band

“It’s this way,” the teacher tells us, inviting us to follow her into the municipal assembly hall converted into a classroom. It is an unusual place to teach students, but during the February holidays, in the school premises where the children normally go, a burst pipe was taken over by the ceiling, which collapsed. Since then, the teaching materials have been useless, depriving students and the teacher of the usual comfort of a real classroom.

At our request, the teacher was kind enough to greet us during her short lunch break to tell us about herself and above all about her favorite activity. Jessica has been singing since she was a child, but can not remember exactly since when. “I think I always sang, I started like everyone else in my bathroom,” she replies with a smile when asked where her penchant for singing came from.

It is only ten years ago that she finally shared and introduced her audience to her lovely soprano sound. On the advice of her friends, she joined the choirsecular friendly The cherry season to Bernayled by Pascal Didtschunder the direction of the choir leader Benedicte Flatet, a formation where she still sings regularly. After hearing him, another person advised him to go into the Bernay Conservatory to take lessons there. It was done, and for two years she developed again and gained even greater control over her vocal cords.

The intercom big band in full performance for the inauguration of the Robert-Fort room in Beaumont-le-Roger on Saturday, February 26, 2022.
The intercom big band in full performance for the inauguration of the Robert-Fort room in Beaumont-le-Roger on Saturday, February 26, 2022. (© Fr.L.)

In 2016 Vincent Portilladirector of the conservatory and creator of the Big Band of the Intercom “D5B”

asked her if she would agree to sing with the group for only “one” performance and for “one” single title.

Arrived as a “guest star” (invited) in the orchestra for a song, she is now an integral part of the formation, participates in all rehearsals, all concerts and now sings half of the big band’s repertoire. “I’m happy to take part in this adventure, there’s a really good atmosphere and I’m lucky to have musicians who ‘carry’ me, it’s cool to have some people like that behind me” Jessica is happy.

“You healed me!” The “D5B” group (read: Of five ‘B’s, Bernay, Beaumont, Broglie, Brionne, Barre-en-Ouche), there are 24 artists who perform mainly on intercom territory and at the invitation of municipalities. This does not prevent the group from playing in other neighboring departments, or even, for example, participating in the end of May for Ascension Weekend, at Jazz festival under the apple trees to Coutancer inSleeve


Videos: currently on Actu The ultimate reward for her talent, one of Jessica’s best memories, a moment she still recounts with emotion, was when she saw an elderly man approaching, at the end of a concert in Serquigny, the moist eyes that trusted her: “Ma’am, you healed me …”. This person who suffers fromParkinson’s disease

, had miraculously stopped shaking with every song by the artist. “This phrase, it made me my week, my month, my year. When I hear it, I realize that if I was able to appease this gentleman, even if it was just for the concert time, then I’m useful to something “the artist is moved. If they leave the stage every time, enthusiastic spectators come to compliment the big band for the quality of the performance, where sometimes students from her class come and say to her:” You sing for good madam! “, it is especially this moment that particularly marked and touched the singer. They are happy and lucky students ofLa Chapelle-Gauthier

, during music lessons, the teacher teaches them to position themselves, to sing, but what they prefer above all is to hear it. The first time, they are pleasantly surprised and immediately become very motivated to learn music. But the children are also disappointed when a substitute takes over the class, and when they ask for a vocal performance, she replies “Ah, I’m sorry, but I do not sing …”.

For amateurs or for those who will inevitably become so after listening to it, it is possible to get an overview of the teacher’s talent, as well as the quality of the interpretation of the jazz group, on the Facebook page for “the big” band D5B ”. But the best way to discover them might be to watch their programming and come and welcome them “live” at a concert near you. And why not on May 21 in Conteville or, for the music festival, in Bernay on June 21?

For the uninitiated, a Big band is a musical formation, mainly instrumental, where jazz and generally brass instruments dominate. Was this article helpful to you? Note that you can follow L’Éveil Normand in the My News area. With a single click, after registration, you will find all the news about your favorite cities and brands.

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