Design school in Lille: reveal the designer in you at EFFICOM DESIGN

Through The fantastic studentpublished on February 24, 2022

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The EFFICOM DESIGN school of design, based in Lille, offers high-level education based on acquiring sought-after skills in the exciting world of design. This fashionable school educates students through project-based education, which inspires dynamism and creativity.

Do you have the eye? The eye that wants to design advertising campaigns, stories Instagram, spaces from Pop up shop? Whatever your inspiration in the field of images and graphic design, the design school EFFICOM DESIGN SCHOOL welcomes you to Lille and offers you four bachelor’s and three master’s degrees, courses that can develop your artistic flair without neglecting the essential technical knowledge for your success.

At the heart of communication and marketing issues today, the EFFICOM DESIGN SCHOOL offers you the opportunity to professionalize yourself in three or five years and obtain a diploma recognized by the state. After that, you can claim exciting jobs such as web graphic designer, digital or mobile web designer, illustrator, advertising designer, event space designer, or landscape designer, and aim for experienced positions of high responsibilities without blushing.

EFFICOM DESIGN in Lille: 7 quality courses to become a design bait

EFFICOM DESIGN offers you four bachelor programs: the Bachelor Design, accessible after the baccalaureate, as well as the Bachelor Graphic Design, the Bachelor Space Design & Scenography and the Bachelor Web & Digital Design, accessible via bac +2. These four courses are designed to provide you with a solid foundation in graphic culture as well as a perfect mastery of the tools most commonly used by companies. In short, the technique is at the service of your art and your creativity and you need it to get to the end of your ideas! Communication and marketing courses are also given so that your talents can be combined with current issues in the field of brand image and consumer expectations.

Finally, for those who want to go further and establish their knowledge and mastery, three master’s degrees await you: the master in Communication Design Management, the master in Design of Connected Spaces and Environments and the master in Web Art Direction. Always based on the realities of business, these masters invite students to reveal the best of themselves and develop highly sought-after skills in the world of work.

Innovative project-based education for a unique design school

The pedagogy of EFFICOM DESIGN is based on projects. In addition to quality education by industry professionals who do not fail to participate, students are invited to undertake group assignments. Practice remains a guarantee of success that fuels theory and allows to see rapid progress.

The strength of these projects? The teachers not only submit them, they also contribute to its successful completion. In this way, students are in constant contact with their teachers. What discover the realities of the field, teamwork and acquiring professional reflexes in no time. Daily collaboration with experts is an excellent way to achieve maturity and efficiency and introduces the designers of tomorrow to concrete issues.

To advance, students are also invited to attend innovation conferences and master classes and complete year-end internships to perfect their practice. The work-study trajectory is also an added value, which starts in the second year of the bachelor and the first year of the master.

Acquiring technical and human skills

Project-based education, which accentuates the four bachelors and two masters of the EFFICOM DESIGN school, allows students to enrich theory through practice. They very quickly develop reflexes and technical skills specific to design professions, ranging from photography to mastering professional software, including animation. The initiated projects aim to allow each student to experience new technical problems.

But in addition to these skills that make all the difference on a resume because they attest to students’ ability to accomplish a mission, “human” skills are just as well worked and cultivated. Design professions require a good dose of creativity, which every student will be encouraged to bring out and develop within the school, under the benevolent gaze of the teachers. For example, at EFFICOM DESIGN, we are interested in the talents of students, so that everyone learns to rely on their imagination and intuition to design designs that are both themselves and the times.

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