Franck (Love is in the meadow) still in contact with Cécile? He swings everything

Fans of Love is in the meadow eagerly awaiting the sending of the opening of mails. In fact, we had already seen the portraits of farmers looking for a soulmate. Now season 17 starts soon on the M6 ​​channel. On this occasion, Franck provided news to our colleagues from Here is. The candidate had had a chaotic story with these two candidates, Cécile and Anne-Lise in season 16. He came up with some revelations about the beautiful blue-eyed blonde and explained that they were still in contact.

Franck and Cecile (Love is in the meadow): an adventure that did not work!

Franck almost realized his dream with Cécile. Last year, the forester and gardener was actually part of season 16 of Love is in the meadow. After a complicated sentimental past, he finally hoped to put his loneliness aside and meet the woman of his life. On the farm, Franck welcomed Cécile and Anne-Lise. The first gentle and thoughtful and the second more outgoing who did not hesitate to tell him that she would drop everything to come and settle down with him. The farmer actually wanted to experience life together. The inexperienced bachelor had thus chosen poorly. He had listened to his reason rather than his heart and let Cécile go with his blue eyes that reminded him of Line Renauds.

But very quickly he realized that he had made a big mistake. The candidate for Love is in the meadow had made the decision to call her back and the young couple had come together on the balance against Karine Le Marchand. A nice surprise for fans who have always preferred Cécile. But their romance was short-lived and ended in a separation. Where are they now? The former participant of Love is in the meadow was kind enough to share some confidences with our colleagues from here. ” I’m still in touch with Cécile. We write to each other very often.“, he admits. But their relationship remains in the friendly realm. Franck has no plans at all to start a love affair with Cécile again. But what is certain is that they remain friends.

Franck remembers his adventure in Love is in the meadow

The good news is that despite their differences, they manage to stay connected and check in regularly. Franck explains that he also did some work on him. ” There are many factors that need to be considered. I’m an inexperienced man at this level, then suddenly finding yourself with two women at home, it can make your head spin. And the footage is very short, less than a week. I’ve been overtaken. I would go too fast when his caution was normal. “, He admits to journalists.

The farmer off Love is in the meadow face their mistakes. ” Instead of accusing others, you should always ask yourself: ‘Wasn’t it me who did the stupid thing?’. If I had wanted to go slower, it might have been different. I saw myself with someone who was going to live at home. But we do not accept people who have such children. I was to blame for wanting to drive too fast and maybe I was too playful. It does not matter, I matured, I learned. Now I see things completely differently“., He continues.

Back to the starting point for Franck and his dog Oregon

That’s why Franck is still single and still looking for the woman of his life, ” a sweet girl, simple and pleasant, who does not take the cabbage“. ” Especially not a boring or a calculator. The problem is that it made me really angry (after his conflict with Anne-Lise, editor’s note). I also do not want a girl who dreams to say: ‘it will be happiness’. There are days when it’s not fun. I hit 15-hour days, that’s how it is. It requires a woman who adapts. But I do not have time to apply ! That’s why love is in the meadow, it was ideal for me (laughs)“. Franck missed this opportunity on the show, but there will be others! We want him anyway!

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