In the wheel of … Océane and Dany or the secret behind a rolling tandem

A cycling career is littered with moments of glory and also of defeat, however between competitions, love always finds its place. In a velodrome, on training routes, by running, Océane Tessier and Dany Maffeïs did not just meet. Masters and masters, they come to the news by their success, but also by their love story, which they wrote together … So we took the wheel in one of the nicest tandems on the bike. Perhaps the most glamorous couple in Ile-de-France who cycle and thus share three hours of their crossover program on their Val d’Oise training routes.

By Jean-François Tatard – Photos: DR

Dany Maffeïs (left) and Océane Tessier (center), share a little more than their passion since 2017.

Sport, like any other field, is conducive to romantic encounters. So if other legendary cycling couples have ended up forming, Océane and Dany will not miss the opportunities to ride together, such as during larger excursions or recovery sessions. ” All the time we can spend together, we do it fully says Danny.

It was just during a race in 2012 that the meeting between Océane Tessier, now a professional cyclist with Team St Michel Auber 93 and Dany Maffeïs, himself an Elite rider with the Paris Olympique Cycliste team, provoked himself. And even if we had to wait for the buds of spring 2017 on a first kiss, today, between the respective programs of high-level athletes, who are necessarily different and despite the inevitable daily conflicts in their agendas, their shared passion always brings them back together.

At a time when we have never asked ourselves the question so much – are we these days made to spend our whole lives together? – Océane and Dany send us a sweet romantic message and remind us that we must always believe in true love. But on a few conditions …

The first condition is that the relationship is satisfactory for both. In a couple, one has to know how to admit that one may be the wrong person or that it simply does not work anymore.To be like a couple at any cost when nothing goes, leads nowhere, we have only one life, and to miss being unhappy would be a real shame, explains Océane. As for us, we have been in a relationship for more than 5 years and during this time I have around me seen couples form and almost half of them separate “(The statistics would they be true? Editor’s note).

One thing is for sure, it is that we have changed times, and we certainly accept fewer things than our parents. It’s there too Happiness has never been so central to everyone’s lives as it is today. And so we stay less long without taking corrective action when we are dissatisfied. But does that mean we can manage to be happy?

Let us not be pessimistic, well over half of couples stay together and are they so unhappy? I do not believe that. So what is the recipe for a pair that lasts? There’s a myth that says everyone has a soulmate on earth, is that true? Everyone has their own beliefs, but the fate of Océane and Dany has obviously brought them on the same path.

Both top-level runners, this loving tandem runs together as often as possible.

Even though Océane teaches between two races at Marcel Pagnol College in Saint-Ouen-L’Aumône who teaches environmental health biotechnology to 4th and 3rd year students, and Dany works in a bike shop on Herblay’s collar. feet, the common point is clear between the two partners. This passion for cycling, which they share together, inevitably feeds most of their discussion topics. It is that which animates them mutually, and which at first glance brings them together, not to say melts them together. But what this training with this lovely couple taught me is that one should also leave room.

Having shared passions is very important, but also knowing how to let the other live theirs. Everyone needs their own space, does their own activities, spends time with their friends and has their own little secret garden. Wishing your partner to spend all their time with us can be very detrimental to a couple. One must learn to exist as a person in order to exist as a spouse. Go out on your own, make friends outside of the couple and spend some time without each other.

The two dwarf parrots support each other. The secret behind a love that lasts?

You need to know how to make concessions. We no longer live alone and living as a couple necessarily means making concessions, it is not negotiable. Life is not created to turn like a wheel around our little human being. And some things that may seem ridiculous to us can be very important to our partner. And so the most beautiful proof of love that this couple gave me during those three hours is not their shared passion. The most beautiful proof they gave me is that they are very understanding towards each other. And it reminds me that one has to learn to put oneself in the other’s place, grow and work on oneself in order to be lastingly accomplished.

And another point … if jealousy can kill a couple. There is nothing worse than feeling that our spouse does not trust us. So of course we’re all a little jealous, it’s human. And some more than others, but that should not disturb our relationship. In this tandem, one never oppresses the other out of jealousy and prevents them from living their lives as they see fit. Each is interested in the other. A little everyday attention, maybe that’s their secret. Prepare him a refreshing meal after a race. Or just a hot tea before getting on the bike to go to work. Give him a little massage the day before the competition. Help him pack his suitcase before embarking on the stage race. Ironing a T-shirt or a PCO tracksuit, a little attention to special occasions is not very complicated, but it retains their love, it is undeniable.

To be interested in topics that are important to the other, or just to be aware of their needs, that is the lesson I learned from this discussion during this game of crank. But also ” pull yourself up ! It is also, in my opinion, a constant in the alchemy of this romantic couple. They support each other, they are present for each other in their projects and desires. They encourage each other daily and each helps each other to fulfill themselves, this contributes to the joy of both of them and it strengthens their bond.

During her intensity exercises, Océane Tessier does not worry about the rhythm of her companion.

In the same way, they respect each other, even when they disagree. During this excursion, Océane drives (very) fast or very slowly. She follows her very precise training program to the letter. At her headwind intensity session, hidden behind her steering wheel, my speedometer shows more than 40 km / h, and my heart, although well trained and sheltered in the wake of the New Caledonian champion, is already at 85% of its maximum. But when she recovers, she really recovers. The speedometer drops to 25 km / h and the heart rate drops rapidly to 110 beats per minute. ” To drive fast, you need to know how to drive slowly. Océane repeats to me. Dany supports him at a medium pace. He can turn the gear up at 32 or 33 km / h for 3 hours without his heart exceeding 120 beats. She does not care. She can lose length, she stays focused. However, this anecdote is symptomatic of the very different way in which everyone perceives the bicycle. ” Never insult or disrespect each other in their actions that’s Dany’s rule. It is very important never to let this kind of behavior get into the couple because the situation can quickly become very harmful.

In the end, I would say that no couple is perfect, and even when such an emotionally compelling shared passion makes things more obvious from the outside, it’s not that simple. So we all try to do our best every day. It is quite normal to quarrel over a pair of dirty shorts lying around or because one cooks the spaghetti more often than the other. The distribution of domestic duties even for a couple of cyclists is the same source of conflict as for another couple. But these two remind me that for the most part, it’s not serious. And more than a shared passion, talking together, taking time for each other and simply loving each other is perhaps the key to a rolling tandem …

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