“It’s my greatest professional pride,” book Jérôme Bertin, aka Patrick Nebout

Almost 20 years after the start of “Plus belle la vie”, France Télévisions announced on Thursday 5 May the end of the broadcast of the show. France 3 Burgundy was able to gather the reaction of Jérôme Bertin, alias Commissioner Patrick Nebout in the series. We met him at his home in Nièvre.

The death blow has sounded for “Plus belle la vie”. After 18 seasons and more than 4,500 episodes, France Télévisions has decided to stop the show, which has been broadcast since 2004 on France 3. It was announced on Thursday 5 May.

On this occasion, we were able to meet Jérôme Bertin, the actor behind curator Patrick Nebout, on his property in La Nocle-Maulaix (Nièvre). The comedian reacted at the end of the series.

Jerome Bertin: I have already learned about it like most others: through the press. So I was not very happy to know that I was fired like that, of course. I did not believe it until the official announcement from France Télévisions. Until recently, I continued to have a hope that it would continue on France 3. But I do not give up, I sincerely hope that it will go elsewhere. It would be a shame to lose a program that unites so many people and that conveys values ​​that I find myself in.

This is my best professional project. And yet I shot with Claude Chabrol. I shot with Chantal Lauby. I shot with Xavier Beauvois. I made series on Canal +. But my biggest professional project, my biggest professional success, my biggest professional pride, is Plus Belle la Vie.

JB: A lot. It does not stop. It does not stop. I post a picture on Instagram and there are more than 5,000 people who have already liked it. That means it was seen by, I do not know how many several thousand people. That’s significant.

I do not have a single criticism. Not everyone necessarily liked Plus belle la vie, but it’s funny because it actually just suddenly feels like the silent majority is speaking out. On the Internet, you often have bashing specialists (practices of degrading a person or subject; editor’s remark). Those who want to speak badly. And there it is all those who were silent and who think well who express themselves. They are all sad. There are those who say it, they grew up with Plus belle la vie, they grew up with the characters from Plus belle la vie as we grew up with them.

The family of Plus belle la vie, it does not stop at the set. It also integrates this community of viewers of all ages, all religions, all social categories, who were in Plus belle la vie because the series only told their story.

JB: It hurts in the heart because we know it will stop. We knew that when we played, it gave us joy that we made the fans experience great emotions.

There we know that they are already sad to know that it will no longer exist. And what is very touching on their part is the kind of solidarity they show towards us. They say to themselves: but you, how are you going to do it, etc.? We are sorry for you, we will miss you.

So it tears us apart, because the relationship between the folks in the Plus belle la vie series and the fans is genuine. We never refuse to take a picture, make autographs or anything. We are really close to our audience. And I also think it’s one of the strengths of Plus belle la vie. That is, tomorrow, if the series goes elsewhere, we are sure that the fan community will follow. And I do not think there are many programs that boast.

JB: Of course I am. I really like Nebout. I love my family. Marie Réache, who has been playing my wife for nine years, is almost my longest love story. The actors who play my kids, I watched them grow up. There are some I knew them, they were 16 years old. And now they have 27. The one who plays my daughter, right now she’s pregnant. She arrived when she was in the middle of her love story, now I see her becoming a mother. How can I not be sad?

We are not going to be completely separated, but this daily life, this regularity in our relationship, these calls, the work we did together, the drinks we went to drink together, the food we had, all that, it’s a nice stop. Yes I’m sorry.

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