The 3 commandments from musical NFT

Good news! If your kids want to get into music, they do not necessarily end up under bridges. Thanks there meta-industry musical.

For those with a slight delay, an NFT is a symbol that represents everything and everything. in the digital world as long as we can confirm its authenticity. Of course, this revolution is brutally transforming the art market. Precisely there is one sector that had started to take some dust: music. What are the benefits of NFTs for our beloved musicians? And above all, what bids do you have to follow to get out of the game?


In addition to redistributing the economy, NFTz also opens up many creative opportunities. NFT and music met before headliners like Gorillaz or Booba became interested in it, especially in electronic music. In February 2021, DJ, House and the electro producer, 3Lau, is the first to sell a musical project in NFT with his album Ultraviolet. He put 33 copies up for sale and added to each copy a custom title, limited edition vinyl and access to previously unreleased tracks. A little later, in June, the electric producer Jacques had chosen to cut out every second of the piece, to keep two for himself and to sell the other 192 in NFTs.

snoop dogg technikart
By relaunching the mythical brand from his debut, Death Row, Snoop Dogg is betting everything on the meta. He has NFTs, he has figured it all out (here at the 2022 Super Bowl).

More control from artists over their works, better protection against plagiarism, simpler and more direct sales, the NFT market has its share of benefits, but let’s stay nuanced. Blockchain is not infallible, it is always possible to create fake NFTs by including almost imperceptible differences (for example, changing a pixel in a work), or to influence the value of a creation by doing “wash”, fake exchanges between two wallets owned by the same person. Meanwhile, for once, the music industry sees the light and, Technikartit makes us really happy to be able to think of it under the beautiful pixelated sun of the metaverse, Uncle Snoop in our ears.


The mechanics remain the same everywhere: the rarity and popularity of a work justifies its price. Thanks to NFTs, the connection between artists and fans is almost direct. Many middlemen disappear and the musicians get a larger share of the profits from their music back. The artist has control over the amount of NFTs attached to his song or his album, he creates rarity, sets the price to suit his work and his artistic approach. This is how the industry works in most other forms of art as well. The American rapper Mach-Hommy already chose not to put all his albums on streaming platforms, but sold a limited number of MP3 files from these projects at prices between 111 and 3000 dollars. Streaming has come to redistribute the cards in unequal ways, it guarantees visibility and popularity for artists, but makes listeners lose the habit of buying the music they are listening to and adds new players to be paid. Snoop Dogg, the new owner of Death Row, announced in February last year that he would make it the first major in the meta-verse. Result: the brand’s biggest classics (with the exception of 2Pac’s discography) have disappeared from streaming platforms.


Unlike streaming, this system pushes listeners to own the music they are listening to, just like in the time of CDs, but in a dematerialized way. The appearance of the metaverse in the equation gives real interest in this concept of property. A CD that we own is a CD that we can take with us and above all, that we can listen to wherever there is a player. The company Gala games, which develops games dedicated to blockchain, is in the process of launching a branch, Gala Music. The Doggfather, a good NFT pioneer, collaborated with the company to design an NFT box containing one of the 17 tracks from his latest album Bac On Death Row. The lucky owners of one of these songs will be able to use it in the meta-verse, and in all Gala Games games there will even be rewards to be won with it.

By Pierre-Alexandre Pestie
Drawing NFT by Snoop Dogg

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