Top 10 most followed French-speaking NFT influencers on Twitter

They have become the French-speaking references in the world of NFTs and are followed by hundreds of thousands of people. These new influencers come from games, sports betting or drop shipping.

The NFT universe is a wild west. It has its culture, its vocabulary and already its legend, which consists of countless scams and smoky projects. If Discord communities exchange a lot of information, it is on Twitter that we find the most influential accounts in the French-speaking NFT world. To classify them, we asked the monitoring and social listening agency Meltwater to find accounts specializing in this topic. We’ve discovered a galaxy of profiles made up of enlightened amateurs and professionals from cryptocurrencies, journalists, betting and online gambling specialists, or even influencers who have made a fortune on drop shipping (a solution that makes it possible to sell online products, in stock at their supplier, editorial note). Follow the guide, but if you only remember one thing: beware of accounts that sell too many dreams.

1: @TeufeurSoff – 370,000 followers

The course of this influencer is atypical. He started his streaming career on the game Fortnite five years ago to quickly develop its content on gambling at online casinos. He will be an influencer specializing in this field and will make himself known by performing life where he stages himself by betting his entire bank account. After an entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, it is now in the world of NFTs. On January 22, he launched NFTalka medium dedicated exclusively to NFTs and giving its most loyal readers access white lists (a kind of VIP group that can invest in one NFT before the others and therefore at a more attractive price).

2: @PowerHasheur: 308K followers

Often cited as a reference by young people new to the crypto world and NFTs, PowerHasher is a youtuber with over 551,000 subscribers to the video platform. His specialty? To discover this world gradually and with pedagogy. In his videos, he follows the cryptocurrency, but also explains how to buy and resell his NFTs or manage his portfolio of assets at best.

3: @gregory_raymond: 130,000 followers

Former journalist at Capital magazine, Gregory Raymond is co-founder of the medium The Big Whale, which got people talking about him in the intervening period thanks to an interview given to them by Emmanuel Macron himself. Enthusiastic specialist in crypto and NFT, his account serves as a relay of serious information in this area.

4: @ALeveaux: 101K followers

This former Olympic swimmer converted to a world of NFTs with the launch of its platform. The latter allows Internet users to sponsor their favorite athlete in exchange for a token that will increase in value over time. Amaury Leveaux’s account is devoted almost exclusively to his platform.

5: @QHbrcht: 85.2K followers

Quentin H. works for Markchain, a communications agency specializing in the launch of crypto and NFT projects. His account primarily retweeted new launches as well as offersairdrop (a practice of distributing a cryptocurrency to a third party free of charge. No financial compensation is therefore required. In return, the recipient must respect certain obligations, which differ from project to project, editorial note).

6: @ LeRoyaliste9: 60,000 followers

This YouTuber who specializes in Fortnite shares a lot of posts that forward lotteries or privileged access to airdrops. It is representative of a whole fringe of influencers from the gaming world who are being paid to forward NFT projects to their community.

7: @FredPanchaud: 27K followers

Frederic Panchaud is a youtuber whose beginner channel specializes in the themes of metaverse and fintech insurance.

8: @rayankfx: 24K followers

A bit like LeRoyaliste9, @rayankfx is an influencer who specializes in NFTs and who likes to post pictures of his car and his luxury watch.

9: @TheCryptomath: 22.3K followers

Popularization of cryptocurrency and the NFT project starter, he runs a Telegram channel on which he forwards information to his community.

10: @ YomiDenzel96: 11.1K followers

A former professional of drop shipping and sales of “training to become a millionaire”, this influencer has positioned himself in NFT’s world and proudly shows his CryptoPunk in profile picture.

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