3D Animation and Motion Design, Levers for Brand Storytelling

Today, 2D/3D animation and motion design appeal to many brands, who use them for their advertising. They invade most of our media, commercials and marketing campaigns. And for good reason: they offer more artistic freedom to attract attention and convey a message in a more graphic way.

Betting on video animation can enrich your storytelling and evoke more emotions in the consumer. Two essentials to engage your community through the aesthetics and dynamism of your content. Animation is becoming increasingly important in the world of communication because it offers endless possibilities in terms of creativity and is cheaper than live action video.

If you’ve ever wanted to make promotional snacks, you’ve probably wondered about the difference between stop motion and animation, two practices often used interchangeably but very different in their execution.

Motion Design to attract attention

Motion design is a technique consisting of animating a message in animation using 2D or 3D, using various graphic elements such as images, typography synchronized to a soundtrack. Widely used in snack content to grab the attention of internet users, motion design makes it possible to convey a clear and powerful message in a visual way. For example, in order to strengthen its image and distinguish itself from its competitors, the insurance company Crédit Agricole presents its new offer for professionals within minutes.

The quality of the graphics in this video makes it easier to understand and remember the offer. Keep in mind that a neat animation will have more impact than a traditional commercial and that your message will be more appreciated by your target audience.

Social networks are the favorite playground of motion design and are often widely used by digital media such as Konbini or Brut to capture the attention of internet users and generate more engagement with their videos.

3D animation to boost the branding

Advertising in combination with 3D animation has become essential in the com sector. Like a cartoon, animation often relies on a storyboard to tell us stories by reproducing human movements, scenery or everyday objects. Brands have understood that these more advanced animations allow us to immerse ourselves more in a physical and conceptual universe to deliver us relevant messages.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, 2D/3D animation makes it possible to popularize sensitive messages to facilitate learning and illustrate complex concepts in an animated way. With his campaign concept “Proud all year round”In 2021 Doritos will highlight its support for the LGBT+ community by celebrating Mexico’s Day of the Dead with a vibrant and moving story that connects queer identities and cultural traditions.

To increase brand awareness, Lacoste offered a Christmas mini-movie featuring the most iconic crocodiles. The brand called on Studio Mumuse to bring the famous crocodile to life by creating a smart gift wrapping machine. This meticulous stop-motion work has allowed the brand to revisit this key element with a touch of fantasy.

Simply put, animation builds on cinematic effects and brings characters to life to create emotional stories with greater creativity and storytelling techniques. Motion design is a form of 2D/3D animation that combines the movement of abstract/typographic elements with graphic design.

The technical process in motion design and animation is similar in all cases, based on the notion of storytelling.

The importance of technical and artistic training

If you want to become a 2D/3D motion designer or a 2D/3D animator, it is in your best interest to choose an education that combines visual narration and graphics.

3D Animation and Motion Design, Levers for Brand Storytelling
Photo credit: Pexels/ThisIsEngineering

The school Sup de Création offers, after obtaining the baccalaureate, a training to acquire all the skills related to 2D/3D motion design and making 2D/3D animation films at the end of a training.

From the 3rd year, students deepen their mastery of technical tools alternately and through seminars to learn how to design a complete 2D/3D motion design project.

After validating a bac + 3 or equivalent in creation and thus confirming mastery of the main software for editing and 2D and 3D animation, the students will be able to integrate the Master of Arts which takes place every 18 months, to become real professionals in the office.

  • The M1/M2 Motion Design 3D allows students to understand the problems and techniques required for the development of a 3D motion design project through courses in creation and animation or even post-production.
  • The M1/M2 animated film, meanwhile, will appeal to students who love visual narration, short films and storyboard thanks to After Effects animation or sound design courses to design friendly characters from the script to the special effects stage.

To learn more about these masters and the Sup de Création school, go to the special school page!

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