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Within couple who have been together for a long time, whether they are married or not, it is normal to fear that love will disappear and that one day we will wake up and our feelings for the other will no longer be there. To light the flame again and give one New chance to your relationship, there are ways to spice up your relationship to fall in love again as on the first day. It’s simple: Focus on what gives you joy!

Focus on your own pleasure

While it may seem incredibly selfish to be happy together, it is important to be happy yourself. If possible, stop doing the things you do not feel like doing. Interested in your partner because that you really want to know the answer, to know how his day went. To be happy, also make sure your other half is happy!

Do not stay together for fear

Once we are settled into a routine and we have been together for a long time, it is normal to fear the unknown. How can one live without this person when one has been accustomed to a certain rhythm of life? Do not stay together for fear of being alone, for the children, because it is easier financially. Being together for fear of the unknown only brings disappointment.

Do not stay together out of kindness

If you are not more in love, your partner will necessarily realize it. So if you stay with him to avoid hurting him, you need to know that the longer you make this relationship last, the greater his pain will be. By prolonging the inevitable, you are doing yourself more harm than good.

Routine, the couple’s enemy

The human brain wants to create a routine, but in a romantic relationship, this one can quickly kill it slowly. Every day the same questions, the same positions, the same restaurants … To get out of this routine, it’s important to put a little spice into your relationship so it does not die! So how do you save your relationship?

4 tips to save your relationship

Make your partner a priority

Remember how interested you were in your partner at the beginning of your relationship. Try to recreate this to regain the excitement from the beginning! If your partner is feeling well thanks to you, he would like to please you and butterflies in the stomach will be back soon! Pay attention to the details, they are the ones that show how much you love each other.

2. Have fun!

Make sure to laugh with your partner, create adventures and memories together by doing things you love. Release yourself, enjoy your partner and have fun! What’s the point of a relationship if you’re not having fun together?

Spice up your sex life

Without completely changing your sexual relationship, try that spice up your sex life and to vary the pleasures. What is this fantasy that works for both of you and that you dream of trying? Without going as far as sex, you can try new ways to be intimate together: what if you spent more time being together? To cuddle you? Who knows where it might take you!

4. Enjoy every moment with your partner

With technology and our ever faster lifestyle, we always find ourselves doing several things at the same time. And we can quickly forget to focus our attention on our partner. When you are together, set a time when you are only interested in each other, without a mobile phone, without interference. Focus on each other, communicate and exchange focus on the positive details you notice in the other person. You can even turn this exchange into a game!

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