An affair with a young man caused Dalida to undergo serious surgery, which prevented her from becoming a mother

Dalida remains one of France’s most popular singers. She is no longer of this world, but her songs are still very successful. Dalida was worshiped by the public, but she was a woman wounded deep in her soul.

Dalida was a singer whose fame crossed the borders of France. She had almost everything at her disposal: money, fame and fame. Under these conditions, the public believes that the stars lead a carefree life consisting of various pleasures.

Alas, that is not necessarily the case, for money does not always bring happiness; Dalida’s life is the perfect example.

His sentimental life has been a series of disappointments and tragedies. The singer was marked for life by the suicide of her first great love. The latter’s death removed his legendary zest for life. After a first suicide attempt 20 years earlier, Dalida finally committed suicide on May 3, 1987.

Back on the journey of this talented artist.

Portrait of Dalida. Ilde Source: Getty Images


During her lifetime, Dalida had several love stories, but one man had a special place in her heart: Luigi Tenco.

Their story begins in the 1960s. In 1961, Dalida married Lucien Morisse, who was not only program director for Europe 1 but also the man who started her career. Their marriage lasted only a few months.

After this experience, Dalida multiplied the conquests until her encounter with Luigi Tenco. The Italian singer was the first man that Dalida really loved.

Marriage between Lucien Morisse and Dalida in the presence of Bruno Gigliotti (Orlando) at the City Hall in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, April 8, 1961. І Source: Getty Images

A talented artist, Luigi had the gift of loving and shocking at the same time. In 1966, its producers participated in the San Remo Festival and associated it with Dalida. The flow went really well between the two artists and they decided to meet again. The two lovers continued their idyll in secret.

Dalida’s life has changed in San Remo. According to the festival’s principle, the artists who form a tandem must each perform the same title in turn. Unfortunately, Luigi’s performance is disastrous. When he loses the means, he leaves the stage before the end of the song (“Cia amore, ciao”).

It is the exact opposite of Dalida, who gets a nice ovation after her visit. Unfortunately, tandem is eliminated from the competition and Luigi escapes.

A few hours later, Luigi Tenco kills himself in his hotel room with a gun. As a symbol, it is Dalida who must make the macabre discovery. Deeply affected by the death of the man she intended to marry at the end of this festival, Dalida tried in vain to move on.

She threw herself into work to try to forget the singer, but she could not. She was haunted by the memory of her beloved, and she had only one idea in mind: to join him in the afterlife.

Dalida and Luigi Tenco in Milan in February 1967. І Source: Getty Images

One month after the suicide of her lover, on February 26, 1967, Dalida takes action. Alone in her room at the Prince de Galles Hotel (Paris), she swallowed barbiturates:

“I was calm. I lay down on the bed. It was not yet 20. I had only one thought in mind: Luigi. I was calm, I had to find him”,

she confessed afterwards.

Fortunately, the maid, surprised that no one answers, decides to push the door to the room and finds Dalida in the extremity in an advanced state. That’s how the singer was saved and saved her life. She will spend 5 days in a coma, and after leaving the hospital, Dalida turned to psychoanalysis and spirituality.

Alas, she never became the same again!


1967 remains a special year for Dalida. A few months after losing Luigi, she fell in love with another Italian. Lucio, when it comes to him, was an 18-year-old young student who knew how to conquer the heart of the 34-year-old star (at the time). Their couple were very short-lived when the young man disappeared just as quickly as he arrived.

However, he left her with a special memory: a pregnancy.

Dalida during a 1981 TV show in Paris, France. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Dalida, who does not want to keep this pregnancy, decides to have an abortion. The operation took place in secret as it was banned in Italy and France. Unfortunately, that made Dalida sterile and threw her further into a feeling of sadness and anxiety.


The rest of the star’s life was not as some might have thought. She had the fame, the money and the fame, but she felt alone. The shadow of death has always hovered around Dalida.

Already haunted by her father’s death (in her childhood) and by her great love Luigi, the singer faced the shooting suicide of her first husband (Lucien Morisse) in 1970. In 1975, her friend Mike Brant also committed suicide by jumping out of the window in his apartment located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

Dalida with his companion Richard Chanfray known as ‘Comte de Saint-Germain’ in Saint-Tropez in 1979, France. Ilde Source: Getty Images

From 1972 to 1981, she was in a relationship with Richard Chanfray. According to many of them close to her, including her brother, this man managed to make her happy. Unfortunately, he also committed suicide by suffocating himself with his car’s exhaust fumes.

On a professional level, Dalida’s career exploded, taking her from rank as a celebrity to rank as a music icon. During her career, she collaborated with several big names in PAF such as Charles Aznavour and Alain Delon. She accumulated successes and toured all over the world.

We owe him mythical titles like “Paroles Paroles”, “Gigi L’Amoroso”, “J’attendrai”, “Since he comes to us” or even “Monday Tuesday”. She managed to export her music and conquer the American public. She also utilized her acting talents in the film “The Sixth Day” by Youssef Chahine.

Dalida on stage. Ilde Source: Getty Images

On a professional level, everything smiled at him. Dalida was on top of the glory, but deep down she was a crushed woman. According to her brother Orlando, this emotional failure was due to her passion for music and the respect she had for the public.

“Dalida had been successful with everything except her private life! (…) Why? Because she inevitably chose men who after a while no longer accepted to be ‘monsieur Dalida’. His career above all. It was his publicity, who had the first place, his companions came after! “,

trusted his brother in 2019.

Unfortunately, the star committed suicide on May 3, 1987 in his Parisian apartment (rue d’Orchampt in Montmartre). She left this world at the age of 54, leaving the following message:

“Life is unbearable for me. Forgive me.”

What a sad ending!

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