Carla Bruni “not an inner woman”, her young wife Laetitia “not crazy love” …

Louis Bertignac, agreed in the Paris Match, to return to the highlights of his life, beginning with his romantic relationship … Jean-Louis Aubert, Corine, drugs, his daughters Lola and Lili, his little Jack, Carla Bruni “not a bitch “, his wife Laetitia, whom he finds” more beautiful “with time … Telephone guitarist sends and swings:

In the 1980’s, telephone was the biggest French rock band and Louis Bertignac provided riffs with his guitar. Today, he is considered one of the greatest French musicians of his time, and while an autobiography is about to be published, Louis Bertignac, 68, spoke in the Paris Match about the highlights of his life.

Carla Bruni, “little rich girl”

Before he became the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni especially lived a love story with the former guitarist telephone. “I hope she will forgive me this confession“, he tells Paris Match, specifying that this story with Carla Bruni”lasted from 1986 to 1990, with ups and downsFour years where the model and the musician have shared so many things. Except love.Even though we lived together, I was not really in love with her. And she was never crazy about me, far from (…) She was not a bitch with me. I think she would have liked to have fallen in love with me because I was a rock guitarist in a famous band, but she did not believe it anymore. Me, I knew I was not in love with her. What’s even worse (…) But one thing is certain: She is not a housewife.“Fortunately, their relationship later became a friendship, and Louis Bertignac participated in the development of Carla Bruni’s first album.

And the musician to specify in his biography Nice little story (of which Closer publishes excerpts) about the one who was then Mick Jagger and Eric Captons love: “Carla Bruni grew up in a world of billionaires surrounded by domestic workers and without being aware of the cost of things. […] She was having trouble with a little rich girl (…) If she had a pimple on her cheek, she hid in the bedroom“.Louis Bertignac goes on to say that later the interpreter has off Someone told me would have succumbed to the charm of Mick Jagger while in a relationship with Eric Clapton.

How Louis Bertignac, ex-toxico, talks “dope” with his daughters

As soon as fame came, Louis Bertignac has tried many drugs, including the heroine, especially after meeting members of the Rolling Stones. “We had a friend who was also our joint dealer!“, he tells Paris Match. Yes his miserable years is far behind, he has now become a father and has already raised these issues with his eldest daughters, Lola, 17 years old and Lili, 14 years old. Also father of 5 year old Jack, born of his current marriage to Laetitia, he warned his two teenage daughters: excluded to follow in his footsteps. “My girls know I advised them against taking dopeI know about it and I do will be able to read the students whether they are taking drugs“, he says. The rock star’s kids just have to be careful.

From drugs to Corine de Telephone: a complicated love story (and shared with Jean-Louis Aubert)

In addition to Jean-Louis Aubert and Louis Bertignac, Telefon consisted of Richard Kolinka to battery and of Corine Marienneau to low. Bertignac and Aubert both had a relationship with the now 70-year-old bassist, which was not easy to deal with, as he said. ” When I met her, she had something the other girls did not have: she would be my friend and held my hand“, he explains a little nostalgically.” JI never knew I finally thought of something other than sex. That’s why I was in love with her so long before she wanted to date me. She was a strict woman with principles“, he continues realistically. But their story”in the midst of such intense success“, He knows he owes only one thing, drugs. I needed drugs to have confidence in myself. I took the hero and I was able to play with Corine. I’ve not been to bed with her before“, he admits.

After their separation, Corine finds herself with Jean-Louis Aubert, which did not necessarily bother the guitarist as he says: “Jean-Louis was very elegant when he talked to me about it. But yes, it was not easy, especially as we continued to make music together. Above all, I had admitted that it was the only solution for the breakup between Corine and me to become final.“.

Louis Bertignac and his wife Laetitia Brichet, 34 years younger

In July, Louis Bertignac and his new wife Laetitia, 34, will celebrate one year of marriage while heThey have been lovers for almost ten years.. always in Paris Matchhe discusses this relationship: I meet her just before The Voice, I think she’s sweet, cool and tender. She had something that no girl had with me: she loved me like no one had ever loved me. She was so young she knew I wanted to be her boyfriend. She chose me and I let things happen.

“In the beginning it was not crazy love”

The former coach for the telecrook at TF1 was carried away by this story. Especially because he confesses not in love from the start: “At first it was not crazy love. I did not succumb to love at first sight. Maybe I was afraid to screw up that I was not able to fall in love, he confides. And now I realize it was the reverse of my previous stories. Usually I’m instantly ‘in love’ and then everything falls apart. There, the more it goes, the more I love her, the more I find her beautiful.

In 2016 the couple welcomed Jack. He was already the father of Lola (born in 2004) and Lili (born in 2007), both fruits of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Julie. “I thought I was done with fatherhood. I often said no to Laetitia when she talked to me about being a child. But I understood that if I kept being stubborn, she would go. Jack arrived almost six years ago. He may lose his father before he turns 20, but I would not ruin this wonderful story. And I do not regret anything.

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