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At EFET STUDIO CRÉA, the Bachelor of Graphic and Digital Design is highly valued in professional teaching and is accessible to everyone thanks to an upgrade at the start of the training. At the intersection of visual creation and digital tools, this course prepares for essential professions in a context of digital transformation.

A professional teaching formula


The aim of EFET STUDIO CRÉA – a school specializing in graphic design and interior architecture – is to provide students with the means to build a portfolio and style and refine their technical skills. These qualities are acquired thanks to the priority given to practical lessons. For example, the workshops let you discover a specific discipline, such as comics or typography.

As part of these courses, students are in constant contact with industry professionals. Indeed, the most important thing for the teaching team of the EFET STUDIO CRÉA is the teaching of a profession and a know-how.

For example, the project method is part of a common production process in companies and offices. This is also one of the core elements of the teaching delivered in the EFET STUDIO CRÉA. The students are indeed competed in teams to answer real tenders at the request of companies. These calls for projects call on the technical skills and creativity of the participants.

Creative challenges during the course

The graduation project is the student’s first showcase when entering the world of work. This test thus has a double objective: to assess the student’s abilities and to serve as a springboard for professional life.

Graduation projects are presented during presentations before a jury consisting of professionals. This work serves to demonstrate the technical and creative skills of the students of the Bachelor Graphic and Digital Design at EFET STUDIO CRÉA.

The projects of students who wish to do so can also be presented during national competitions. This is an opportunity to distinguish yourself through your talent and your work.

Guiding students in discovering design professions

The graphic and digital design sector

The Graphic and Digital Design course is structured in four sets of topics (visual communication, digital tools, graphic and artistic culture and marketing and communication). The mix of artistic theory and practical work gives students access to a wide range of skills in which they can specialize.

Always with a view to professionalization, this Bachelor of Graphics and Digital Design offers students the opportunity to follow a learning trajectory from the second year of study.

Opportunities in the graphic and digital design sector

At EFET STUDIO CRÉA, students discover new methods of design and visual production.

Other creative media such as augmented reality, motion design, stereolithography or wire deposition are offered as exploratory lessons. These courses can inspire students for their career orientation. In addition, learning new visual production techniques promotes the employability of students. The latter, who are already familiar with innovative tools, enjoy a clear advantage in the world of work.

In particular, with an education in Graphic and Digital Design, graduates can apply for the following professions:

  • Graphic designer
  • web designer
  • digital designer
  • illustrator
  • UX designer
  • motion designer

In all courses of the EFET STUDIO CRÉA it is also possible to discover different artistic disciplines. Initiations to basketry, engraving or even “street art” so give students the opportunity to consider other ways of creating.

EFET STUDIO CRÉA, the place to use your creativity in an innovative setting

Student life and events at EFET STUDIO CRÉA

The alumni network and event meetings of the EFET STUDIO CRÉA make it possible to support students at the start of their professional life. The ‘speed meetings’, for example, are intended to promote rapprochement with companies that recruit. These events allow students to quickly find a work-study program and are supported by the Corporate Relations department during the recruitment process.

Across France, EFET STUDIO CRÉA campuses offer students access to, after the baccalaureate degree, first-class courses in graphic and digital design and interior architecture. For example, the EFET STUDIO CRÉA has recently become present in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse and Reims, making it a national network of establishments, events and alumni made available to students from the EFET STUDIO CREA.

Enter professional life thanks to the EFET STUDIO CRÉA

For example, the first steps at a school, an internship or an apprenticeship program can be intimidating moments. That is why the Business Relations office of EFET STUDIO CRÉA sets up a personalized follow-up to facilitate the integration of students into the labor market and support them in their research.

In addition, having internships or apprenticeship programs is a major asset when attracting recruiters. Thanks to its many partnerships with companies active in different sectors (Le BHV, La Villette, Canal+, Hachette, etc.), EFET STUDIO CRÉA can guide students to very stimulating offers.

EFET STUDIO CRÉA’s Bachelor of Graphic and Digital Design thus combines innovation, listening to the demands of the labor market and supporting students in building a professional project as close as possible to their ambitions.

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