Flyers: Powerful Marketing Tools

Today they are widely used by professionals. Presented as a summary of information on a loose sheet of paper, this promotional support can be distributed at your company’s reception, in your prospects’ mailboxes, in transit areas, at public or private institutions, or even at events.

On the one hand, the purpose of flyers is to convey a message or an idea to customers. They can be used to promote your products and services to a wide audience. In addition, flyers also encourage potential customers to choose your offers or use your services. Promotional flyers are particularly effective at getting your customers’ attention through new product launches, sales announcements and discounts. They enable customers to reduce costs and realize significant savings.

On the other hand, flyers can also be used to announce political, cultural or sporting events or demonstrations. This promotional support is very effective in encouraging the public to participate in the events you organize.

Why use flyers for your advertising campaign?

Flyers have many advantages.

First of all, flyers do not require significant resources. An A5, A6 sheet or envelope size paper is more than enough to print good quality flyers. Also, the ink used to print flyers is less than when printing larger posters. Prospectuses allow you to advertising campaigns efficient by optimizing your company’s marketing budget.

Thanks to flyers, your company can quickly become visible. This communication medium makes it possible to reach many prospects because it can be distributed almost everywhere without any problems: to passers-by, in letterboxes, on car windows, on displays or even in public and private areas. Thanks to this wide reach, the flyers will allow you to quickly raise awareness of your company in a defined geographic area and boost your point-of-sale operations, regardless of the area in which you operate, such as cryptocurrency for example . The use of this local means of communication allows you to increase the turnover of your company.

Flyers also help to boost your company’s image among your target audience. With their customizable visuals, flyers are the best ways to effectively grab the attention of your prospects. They can stimulate their interest in your products and services by enhancing your company’s brand image. Thanks to cutouts and original and authentic design ideas, the flyers can be customized as desired. Which is a differentiator compared to your competitors.

Finally, flyers are very practical marketing tools. They can be designed very easily with graphic design tools such as the Adobe flyer design software† Now you don’t need design skills anymore, you can create flyers for free with Adobe Creative Cloud Express flyer maker. The reasonable size of the A5 (148 x 210 mm), A6 (105 x 148 mm) or envelope size (100 x 210 mm) flyers also facilitates distribution to customers. They can keep them in their pocket, purse or something else. In addition, the format of the flyers makes them more readable compared to other larger marketing materials.

How to easily create attractive flyers?

Your flyer should reflect your business. To be effective, it must be able to easily capture the public eye, capture reader interest, convince your customers of your value proposition, and prompt the customer to take action: buy your products, visit your website, attend your event, etc. A good flyer therefore has three main elements: a modern and attractive graphic design, an effective and convincing text and a high print quality.

To impress at first sight and arouse the curiosity of your potential customers, you need to design a clean and original design for your flyer. For this, you can freely adapt the theme of your flyer to respect the graphic charter and the visual identity of your company. However, choose colors that go well together and do not use more than 3 colors on your flyer. You can also decorate your flyer with different visuals (logos, images, slogans) that illustrate your activity or your event. For best results, choose photos that match the theme of your flyer.

You can use the flyer design software from Adobe to design your flyers. The Adobe Creative Cloud Express flyer maker gives you access to a library of customizable flyers and easy-to-use customization tools.

In addition to being visual, your flyer must above all be legible and understandable. To ensure that your reader understands your message clearly and effectively, express yourself in simple words and short sentences. Do not forget to include the essential information for interested parties to contact you, as well as your company name and registration number, your website, etc. The choice of typography is also very important. The font and formatting of your text should be consistent with the message you want to convey to your recipients.

Finally, the quality of a flyer also strongly depends on the paper used. You can choose from different media for printing your flyers. For street marketing campaigns it is recommended to use a classic 150g lightweight paper which has the advantage of being cheaper but if you want higher quality flyers you will have to opt for higher weights with which you can use matt or gloss varnishes can apply. † Do not hesitate to use a professional printer to ensure the best possible reproduction of your advertising brochures.

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