Graphic design in 2022: focus on evolution instead of change

Graphic design is constantly changing, as are many other disciplines. Every new year introduces us to new technologies and practices in all areas. In graphic design, trends are more evolutionary than fleeting. They often represent the boundaries pushed by designers. We note that it is often possible to predict the future by looking at the present and the past.

What does 2022 have in store for us when it comes to graphic design? To answer this question, the Grenier approached each other Mario Mercier and Julie Royerthe new co-chairs of the Association of Graphic Designers of Quebecand from Marie-Andrée Pelletier-Cyr and Marilyn Maroisartistic director and project manager of the agency Leonardo† All four had complementary and relevant views.

“Following trends is as much a trap as ignoring them,” says Mario Mercier while Marie-Andrée Pelletier-Cyr explains, “The most important thing is to be beyond the trends.” When a new year hits, we don’t wipe the slate clean to start all over again. In graphic design you have to put sustainability first and focus on content rather than form. So here are themes or practices that we will continue to see in 2022.

The 70s are getting a second life. “It’s the return of the 1970s in almost everything, both in advertising and graphic design. This is great fun. Nostalgia is something that has always worked well,” explains Mario Mercier

the simplicity
It is often said that too much is not enough. Instead of adding, we reduce to go back to basics. “Simplicity is very much in vogue among students, in their twenties and early thirties. They like simple, smart things,” says Mario Mercier

The social dimension of graphic design
Graphic designers are storytellers. Through their projects, they participate in changing perceptions and shaping our world. “With the pandemic, several artists have taken the floor with our medium to get messages across and help charities,” explains Julie Royer† “The importance of positive social impact is growing and we can contribute to doing good with graphic design. By going beyond the image, we add a heart to the project,” says Marilyn Marois

Stimulate collaboration
The African proverb “Alone we go faster, together we go further” simply explains the principle of collective intelligence. Collaboration is essential in graphic design. “To make a good project, you need a good agency, a good client, and good communication between the two,” shares Mario Mercier† “The members of a team are all equally important,” says Marie-Andrée Pelletier-Cyr† The horizontal hierarchy takes up more and more space. People in their twenties and forties work in the agencies. It is a nice combination of experience and novelty. “We also see a separation in the field of marketing communication, especially with 360 design. At the heart of the brand, everyone works together,” explains Julie Royer

Guide the customer
We must not forget the human aspect. Graphic designers get a lot of positives from working around the client’s needs rather than just focusing on the material or how the project will look according to current trends. “Design is the essence of our expertise. But at the heart of it all is the customer, whom we must listen to and support. During a project, the initial discussion may turn out to be the polar opposite of the final exchanges. We have to keep an openness to go along with the customer and his needs, which become clearer over the presentations. in ‘s house Leonardowe make it a point of honor to have a scalable and transparent process”, trusts Marie-Andrée Pelletier-Cyr

Cultivate Curiosity
Inspiration is everywhere, especially outside the realm of graphic design. As a designer, everyday objects such as a nice bottle of wine, a music album, a movie or even nature can become sources of inspiration. “We are influenced by life around us. Diversity, feminism and mental health are some of the themes that shined most in 2021. It is tangible and visible in the different cultural fields. It is an inspiring context for exploring new avenues and prioritizing our values.” Marilyn Marois

The year 2022 promises to be colored by benevolence and experimentation.

Let’s keep our eyes open!


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