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Mani Baudet-Lesté founded BAO Studio, a global communication and branding agency, more than two years ago. His graphic signature multiplies in the prefectural city.

For those who follow his work closely, the graphic design of Mani Baudet-Lesté, 21, alias “Bao Studio”, is recognizable with the naked eye, spotted by its circles, its curves. This young designer is on the rise in Agen. The stakeholder admits with a broad smile this obsession for the ‘reassuring’ roundness, contains it, but does not make it an elusive rule. He works on instinct. Bao as an acronym for word of mouth “and in reference to my Vietnamese paternal ancestry, Bao means hidden treasure”.

Mani launched his studio two and a half years ago as a freelance graphic designer. A global communications agency (visual identity, print media, digital communications, social networks, website creation, email campaign, web reference). He has just started working with Mathieu Saudel, who spent 15 years as Director of Digital Marketing at European Sourcing Group, founded by Bernard Lavigne before joining SBSR in Estillac and between the two Media Leads, a communications and marketing agency.

“Until recently, I exchanged parallels with Mathieu at SBSR,” explains Mani. Mathieu, who himself has followed a graphic designer training as his core business. “He brings all his technical expertise for securing and optimizing websites and the most powerful tools and software and we work together on projects. It is a strength for me. Since being here I am three times faster. We have a great synergy from work and we are complementary. It is an opportunity to have met him,” says Mani. Their office is nomadic in the buildings of coworking La Fontaine, housed on the 4th floor of the Crédit Agricole boulevard Carnot.

Mani started young: “At the age of 16 I was already making posters for Endroit bar parties and developing his social networks. Jerry is a very good friend of my father (Editor’s Note Chris DJ and today also the head of the Gung, a home cooking concept with Asian and Vietnamese flavors).

The well-known word of mouth works quickly for him, he is asked. With a BTS in communication in his pocket and then a bachelor in graphic design at ISAA, an applied arts school in Labége (31), he made his mark. “But I have developed a real passion for visual identity, branding and brand or company logos”.

It uses the Adobe suite software. “I work a lot on paper, I design all logos by hand and integrate different notions and values ​​of my clients and I combine them by expressing them visually”. Figurative, graphic letters and stylized logos symbolize the idea of ​​sharing as for the Iodé restaurant for which he signed the holistic communication: from the logo to the tapestry on the walls, to the employees’ T-shirts, including the maps, the site , social networks. “During the first meeting with a customer, I identify the world of the company to tell a story. I work behind it intuitively”.

He underlines his other customers today, the Carine et Laurent fishmonger in the covered market in Agen in collaboration with Catherine de Luca, space designer. The Brut restaurant in Agen Sud, the General Gallery in the Place de la République, for which he creates posters for exhibitions, nurtures social networks and for which he designed the logo. The identity of an artisan butcher, the Wood 57 workshop, Initiated a concession for national service network, Via-PoPina the food truck and bistromobile of Jerry Benech up to the canopy of the trailer, a psychosomatotherapist from Jayan, café Havana on the refurbishment of the visual identity and social networks, the Shot’z bar on its posters and its visuals projected on a screen in motion design, Interior commissioned by an interior designer and the future drugstore Arthur B. to open under the Cornières in Agen, without Gung to forget du paternal that he has completely defined graphically and aesthetically.

Instagram bao.studiodesign – Bao Studio: branding, print, web, social networks, goodies – tel 06 78 53 77 82

A touch of design for foie gras

With Mathieu more focused on the digital part, site creation, SEO reference and marketing strategy, Mani approached Michel Dussau to design labels for beer bottles, on the packaging of Chef Michel Dussau’s foie gras for the table of the same name he also created. life brings social networks. “Our goal is to support customers by offering original ideas”. There are many hours to phosphorize on logos, visual identities, sites, media and to feed social networks with photographer Franck Petit’s contribution to the image bank.

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