Miami Tech Spring: TokenSociety offers NFT experiences

Crypto events, especially those in Miami, have become the most privileged venues for crypto development players. To meet, exchange and have fun in between hodlers. This year, TokenSociety decided to hit hard to compete against Bitcoin Miami.

Tokensociety hits hard

To celebrate Bitcoin Miami, Miami Tech Spring and the next issue of Gay Aliens, TokenSociety and Trippy Labs organized NFT Collectors Penthouse After Hours on April 7, NFT Collectors Pregame and an NFT Collectors Night at Floyd Miami inside Club Space on April 9 . TokenSociety will also host a party on the palace yacht on May 7th. TokenSociety is a project launch site for NFT collections and an exclusive platform for drops.

This year, the Bitcoin Miami Conference welcomed more than 25,000 people, including more than 450 speakers, 3,000 companies and 100 artists over four days. Tickets for Bitcoin 2022 were hardly cheap; a base pass could be obtained for over $ 1000 and increased dramatically from there. Some participants opted for the $ 20,000 “whale pass,” which offered them VIP treatment during the week and included golf carts to drive proprietors to the Miami Beach venue. You can find all the news about Miami and Bitcoin Miami here.

The most important events are not announced in public calendars. The most productive crypto whales and NFT collectors are rarely found outside of Alpha groups (closed private chats that are difficult to participate in) because they are extremely careful about security.

To celebrate the next mint of Gay Aliens, TokenSociety and Trippy Labs hosted NFT Collectors Penthouse After Hours on April 7, NFT Collectors Pregame and Floyd Miami at Club Space Crypto Night on April 9. Club Space won the 33rd annual International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) as the best club in 2019. It was one of the first times that Club Space encouraged crypto enthusiasts to invest in one of its well-known venues.

source: TokenSociety

The importance of cryptoconferencing

Scott Weissman, CEO of TokenSociety, which began developing platforms to create NFTs for creative work in 2016, mentioned that ” Ninety percent of your success in business is the good relationships you create and nurture with ongoing interactions. My events build community around NFTs and the Gay Aliens Society, and specifically create a platform where new ideas are born. »

Special events like this and other networking opportunities are crucial for NFT holders, investors, marketing agencies and everyone involved in the Web3 space. They provide access to talents and prestigious people, which otherwise would not be possible. This is why events like Paris Blockchain Week create French society and are very important points in crypto development.

Undoubtedly, many deals and appointments have been made at Penthouse and Floyd Miami, where TokenSociety and Trippy Labs’ party stole the show at this year’s Bitcoin conference. In many ways, it was the perfectly executed Web3 experience in the city of Miami, the new global NFT and cryptoblockchain hub, that attracted the industry’s crème de la crème.

Crypto events have therefore become important meetings for companies, investors and influencers of this new economic world. Every year the events get bigger and more.

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