Pain and honor: why did Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodóvar drop out?

Before reuniting on “La skin que habito”, “Passenger lovers” and the gripping “Pain and Glory”, Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodóvar did not work together for more than twenty years. The filmmaker took the time to forgive the actor for one of his professional decisions.

pain and honor : fictional self-portrait of a tormented filmmaker

Three years later JulietPedro Almodóvar will sign another moving film in 2019 pain and honor. An extremely personal feature film that e.g. The law of desire and The poor educationis centered on an instructor.

The acclaimed filmmaker who is afraid of the idea of ​​no longer being able to devote himself to a new project, Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas) suffers from intense physical pain. The artist has trouble leaving his home and remembers important moments in his life, beginning with his childhood in Paterna with his mother Jacinta (Penélope Cruz). His everyday life is turned upside down when he finds Alberto Crespo (Asian Etxeandia), an actor with whom he had a passionate love affair before their alienation.

Jacinta (Penelope Cruz) – pain and honor © Pathe

It is easy to think that Pedro Almodóvar makes his self-portrait with pain and honor, which the poster suggests. But according to him, the film contains a lot of fiction. The question of the percentage of truth of the account of the Belgian version of Metroexplained the director in 2019:

I can not give a percentage. Some things are real, others fictional. I did not fall wildly in love with the young bricklayer in my childhood, but it could have happened, I never had a cruel conversation with my mother, but it could have happened too. I’ve never lived in a cave, but I know what it feels like to have to move. And like the boy in the film, I lived in a colorful parallel world, even though post-war Spain was mostly misery. The starting point is my reality, and afterwards becomes fiction.

When Pedro Almodóvar felt “betrayed” by Antonio Banderas

One of the aspects of his personal life that he may have drawn inspiration from for his feature film is his friendly relationship with Antonio Banderas. As related JDDPedro Almodóvar offered the actor a role in 1991 in Kika. The latter prefers try your luck in the United States with The Mambo Kings. The filmmaker then warns the actor who remembers:

Pedro had very harsh words: ‘Hollywood will crush you, you will waste your talent. I would have warned you … ‘

Antonio Banderas clarifies:

He had created me, I was a bit of his thing. He saw my departure as a betrayal, it took him time to forgive me.

pain and honor
pain and honor © Pathe

If they do not completely break contact in the following years, Pedro Almodóvar appears very hard for Antonio Banderas career. They regularly evoke the desire to collaborate again, slowed down several times according to the actor:

In 1998, after the preview of Zorro mask, he said to me: ‘You will be so expensive that we will never be able to work together again’. He had found the perfect excuse! But over time, we become more sensible. And the desire to make beautiful cinema is stronger than anything else.

A life-saving reunion

The artistic reunion will take place in 2011 with the disturbing The skin that lives, in which Antonio Banderas embodies one of his most complex characters. This experience shows save for the actorwhich ensures 20 minutes in 2019:

I was arrogant and he put me in my place. I must have lost all the habits I would have gotten without him.

For his part, Pedro Almodóvar believes that their meeting, and more specifically pain and honorgave a new breath in the actor’s filmography. To the press kit quoted by Allocatedhe assures:

I think that’s the best Antonio has done since Tie Me Up! Pain and Glory testify, in my opinion, to Antonio’s rebirth as an actor and the beginning of a new scene.

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