Selling Sunset Reunion: The 10 Most Shocking Revelations

If you’ve listened to season 5 of Selling Sunset, you know she was one of the most incredible. Between a couple formed within the Oppenheim group and an agent trying to sabotage another, the drama was there!

It all culminated in a reunion broadcast on May 6, 2022, where we learned some good things, including the fact that Chrishell found love again after his breakup with Jason!

Here are 10 shocking revelations during the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion.

1. Emma is still dating Micah … but so are other people.

We’ve all seen the chemistry between Emma and property developer Micah take shape during the episodes. According to the 30-year-old, she continues to watch Micah, but without ties! Most surprisingly, she revealed that she still occasionally dates her ex, yes, the ex at the source of her conflict with Christine.

2. Jason is still in love with Chrishell

The love story between Jason and Chrishell was short but intense. The lovers were about to make the choice to spend their lives together when Jason finally decided he did not want to be a father, which ended their relationship. During the meeting, the main interested parties were apparently still very much affected by this breach, especially Jason! The 45-year-old confessed between sobs that he still loves Chrishell, probably for the rest of his life.

3. Chrishell is in a relationship with artist G-Flip

The breakup seems to be less difficult for Chrishell, who has recently found love again! After participating in the non-binary artist G-Flips music video, a dating was born! Chrishell confessed that he was very close to G-Flip and was carried away by the adventure. She has stopped putting too much pressure on herself to have children and is just enjoying the good time she has with G-Flip!

4. Maya experienced tragedy after filming the show

In season 5, Maya was pregnant with her third child. Unfortunately, the agent revealed during the meeting that she lost the baby in a week 38. According to her, it was an unpredictable accident and she and her husband are still mourning. She wanted to share her story so that other women who experience similar tragedies feel less alone.

5. Christine no longer has a job at the agency … at the moment

Christine Quinn was not present at the meeting, but she made a lot of noise! In particular, host Tan France wanted to talk about something that happened in the last few episodes, which was the revelation that Christine allegedly offered to pay a client to deal with her and not Emma. The twins confirmed that this was genuine and unless Christine proved she could change she could not fit into the agency.

6. Brett once annoyed Jason in front of a famous actor.

On a lighter note, Brett shared a juicy anecdote! Without revealing names, he confessed that he once had sex with a conqueror in the bathroom of a famous actor during a party. The funniest thing about it was that the actor confused the twins and scolded Jason for the action, so Brett walked away unscathed!

7. Christine apologized to Davina

The old friends, Christine and Davina, were much less close this season, which was a source of conflict over the episodes. Davina revealed that Christine had apologized to her via text message. The blonde confessed to having said evil things about Davina and felt remorse. Davina, on the other hand, explained that she does not accept his apology because Christine’s actions did not agree with those words.

8. Davina and Chelsea opened up about their relationship after their match

Another conflict that marked season 5 was between Davina and newcomer Chelsea. After a heated argument over a cupcake that ended with Chelsea saying she “could throw up” so much that she hates Davina, where is their relationship today? According to Davina, they are on good terms. According to Chelsea, they are too different and although they can be cordial colleagues, they will never become good friends.

9. The Oppenheim group makes a lot of money

We can clearly see that the houses sold by Selling Sunset agents are expensive, so we had a suspicion that the Oppenheim group was rich, but not so much! According to Jason, since the agency’s opening, they have sold no less than $ 2 billion in real estate. wow!

10. Another spin-off series is coming soon and it gets even more dramatic

Fans of the series will be thrilled to hear that the Selling universe is expanding! We will soon be eligible for a brand new series that follows the agents of the new department in Orange County. Selling OC contains new agents that we can not wait to discover, and the trailer promises a lot of drama. See for yourself above!

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