six young textile designers to follow absoluut

Sometimes suffer from a dusty image, the fabric world has been able to renew itself, from table linen to traditional throws, cushions and wall ornaments. The proof with these six young textile designers.

“Collecta” by Aurélie Benoit

Collecta collection by Aurélie Benoit

Collecta collection by Aurélie Benoit Aurelie Benoit

After fifteen years of good and loyal service as a stylist for the textile industry, Aurélie Benoit from Marseille has switched to upcycling to make her work part of a more responsible approach. Now she goes on the hunt for tablecloths or sheets made of cotton or linen, which she refurbishes to give new life to table runners, new tablecloths or cushion covers.

A new life for these fabrics she dresses with naive and colorful patterns with other pieces of fabric, under the name Collècta (collected in Provençal) and which pay tribute to the aesthetics of the Mediterranean. His work will also be exhibited until June 15 in gallery 318 of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille.

“Sensitive works” by Sarah Espeute

Embroidered tablecloth from the Sensitive Works collection by Sarah Espeute

Embroidered tablecloth from the Sensitive Works collection by Sarah Espeute Sarah Espeute

Let’s stay in Marseille with one of the young textile designers the most prominent of the moment, Sarah Espeute. This designer explores embroidery in a poetic and minimalistic way, using two techniques: hand embroidery, which she practices in Marseille, and the Cornely technique, using a 19th-century machine, to which she devotes herself in Paris.

In the south, Sarah Espeute has surrounded herself with embroiderers she has trained who share the same passion. The result ? A small local and friendly production. Convinced of the need for a sustainable approach, the designer embroiders her tablecloths and table runners from pieces of linen cotton collected from private individuals.

“Jiu Jie” by Jeannette Reza

Jeanette Reza

Jeanette Reza Jeanette Reza

Bring a splash of color to your sofa, welcome your aching neck at the end of a long day: the uses of a pillow can be many. Based on this observation, the Mexican-American designer Jeannette Reza came up with the idea to turn her pillows into a therapeutic object.

In the form of long cylinders that can be fastened and unfastened, they act as an anti-stress ball. In addition, these “button cushions” are decorated with luxurious fabrics, mostly used in the fashion world, and filled with soft fibers, the designer explains. † In the office, they become an object of transition that facilitates regression because it gives a sense of security and comfort. she assures.

Mongeberry House

Napkin from Maison Mongeberry

Napkin from Maison Mongeberry Mongeberry House

Based in the Basque Country, Maison Mongerberry was born from the happy union of Karl and Thibaud and the contraction of their two surnames. Their label offers a whole range of table linen such as placemats, classic or cocktail napkins.

Composed of linen scraps, they are given a new life thanks to different patterns, reminiscent of a zebra dress, the spots of an orange and green leopard, the caning of a chair or the grilles of the towels from our childhood. A graphic universe painted by hand, with non-toxic paint. A must-have duo of young textile designers!

Idda Studio by Gabriella Picone

Creations of Idda Studio by Gabriella Picone

Creations of Idda Studio by Gabriella Picone Idda Studio

Gabriella Picone, based in New York, painted, textiles and ceramics are playgrounds, but it is indeed textiles that occupy a special place in his creations. And rightly so, in Lipari, one of the Aeolian Islands in northern Sicily where her family comes from, all the women live in sarongs during the hot summer months.

In the hair, tied around the neck to make a dress, on the back to carry a child: their uses are many. Patterns inspired by Sicilian folklore and Roman mythology are displayed on fabrics that can be used as scarves, sarongs or wall decorations. A way to celebrate the image of the mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, grandmother or aunt. In addition, “Idda” in Sicilian dialect means “to be”.

La Romaine Editions


Napkin “Lines of heart” La Romaine Editions La Romaine Editions

The digital platform founded by Pauline Vincent has also entered the textile world by publishing its own creations, in particular a plaid with a red and white gingham print, made of cashmere from Nepal. Also not to be missed is the range of red and white “Lignes de coeur” table linen.

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