Towards a gaming revolution thanks to NFTs and metavers

Game Play to earn (P2E) is taking the gaming industry by storm. Its excellent game model rewards players with NFTs for playing games that they probably would have played for free before the advent of blockchain.

A very attractive model

With the rise of digital ownership, it is clear that P2E gaming is the future of gaming, as users are more interested in owning these unique in-game tokens. Games like Axie Infinity are highly regarded as they allow users to gain value in the real world. They also facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This attracted people to the blockchain area. In fact, one can earn tokens with real value and utility while playing challenging and well-constructed games.

With traditional games, the relationship between the gaming company and the player is one-sided. The gaming company only makes a profit while the player has nothing unless he is an e-sports player. Blockchain gaming has changed the paradigm, allowing players to make money on their time. This paradigm had already been attacked, especially thanks to cryptocurrencies, which had allowed players to resell tokens in parallel markets. in Game mercy. This had also earned the fortune of some selling against bitcoins at a time when it was worth almost nothing.

These games represent a new economic model, and it’s not surprising to see the growth of dormus explode over the last two years. DappRadar reported that more than 50% of blockchain users are connected to a gaming app. Learn all about play-to-earn in this article.

The global gaming market was valued at $ 173.70 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a value of $ 314.40 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 9.64%. There are over 3.1 billion players worldwide, and this number is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. The mobile gaming industry alone is expected to reach $ 272 billion by 2030.

The advent of metavers has added a distinct flavor to blockchain games. Games are about user interaction and experience, and metaverse has improved it dramatically.

Metaverse games are becoming more and more popular among gamers and the main reason for this is the very immersive digital world where users can easily interact.

The inclusion of virtual reality takes the engagement experience to the next level. Games are looking for an ever deeper and more unique immersion to play it, mixed metaverse, P2E and virtual reality, and you have a game that is ultra-immersive, hyper-connected and rewards the player as they play.

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Reviews of these new models

But not everything is so simple in this transformation, which has been reviewed by game. In fact, many gamers and communities are rejecting this passage and boycotting traditional companies like Ubisoft, which are integrating more and more blockchain technology into their games.

Many players are afraid that this world will become more of a race for tokens and money than a pleasant experience for the player and a discovery through the missions or the scenario of a game. It’s true that it always involves more of the tokens, NFTs and the relationship to money in games can change the way players play.

However, it is worth remembering that there have never been so many independent game developers and that blockchain and crowdfunding thanks to tokens and NFT allow an explosion in the number of small games coming out. Developing a game is expensive, and if you want to continue to enjoy a wide variety of independent games, the best way is still to support them.

Blockchain is shaking up the ecosystem of the giant video game. There will be mistakes and abuse, as with everything. But this revolution will allow for healthier funding, fairer rewards, and a direct relationship between game developers and their communities.

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