we were able to test the latest Formula 1 game

On the editorial board from AutoPlus.fr, we were a bit lucky… We were able to get our hands on a “demo” version of the brand new title from Codemasters, F1 22!

Every year, console or PC gamers who love formula 1 eagerly awaiting the new version of the game F1 developed by the British studio. As a reminder, this studio was bought last year by Electronic art.

The first small change to note, the game publisher has the numbering slightly shortened to match the names of other EA sports simulations, such as: FIFA 21 for example.

Formalized on April 22, the new game F1 22 will therefore come true July 1, 2022 on many media: computerPS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One† And this year, PC players can even enjoy an immersion in VR!

here is the trailer Game :

Just like F1 this season, the game is getting a makeover

For the first time in several years (2017 at least), the world of F1 has undergone major changes. Whether at the level of regulations or at the level of single seaters, the new features introduced this year for this new Formula 1 season 2022 did a lot of work for the developers at Codemasters!

During our test of the game, the new single seaters were still based on the prototype version presented in July 2021. Only the colors and decals were true to the visual codes of the respective teams. But rest assured, the final single-seaters should be available in the final version of the game.

Only two modes were available for this demo. We like the challenge championship classic and as well as a format against the watch. The first just allows ride in one of 10 single-seaters and put yourself in the shoes of an F1 team driver. A dream come true for every Formula 1 fan!

On track at the new Miami Circuit in Florida!

With game mode “Grand prize”, we were entitled to this demo to continue 5 tracks at this time. The immersion before each race is very worked: remembering the rules, the circuit and the ambitions of the drivers according to their classification, everything is done so that we really believe in it! And the whole thing is commented by the official voices of the historical commentator Julien Fébreau, accompanied by Nicolas Martin.

Aboard the new single-seater Ferrari F1-75all dressed in matte red, we chose to be in the shoes of the Monegasque Charles Leclerc. And we’re not just standing on a starting grid… This is the very last F1 circuit, that of Miami

From the cockpit we look first to the right and then to the left. Ahead of us, the lights begin to line up and the motors run at optimum speed. Then the last LED turns green and the 10 single-seaters go on the asphalt in a delicious roar.

After several laps and a fierce battle (with certain aids and driver assistance activated) we manage to climb to first place with a long straight and the DRS activated. On the wire we manage to overtake Verstappen, who was the race leader. Victory!

As you will understand, the new Miami circuit will therefore be honored in this new opus of the EA Sports game. The new layout, which revolves around the stadium of the Dolphins, the American football team, will be widely promoted as it will serve as a framework for the skill test players.

After the race, we were allowed to drive on the four other available tracks: Imola in Italy, the circuit of Spielberg in Austria under a fine rain, the silverstone in England and finally the circuit from Austin in Texas.

And many more new features!

On the menu of new features, in addition to all the new single-seaters and the addition of circuits for this 2022 season, there will also be many other modes that are not available for this demo version.

The game publisher has announced the arrival of a ” F1Life“, which should replace the “Story” mode of the previous opus, which should not return before the 2023 edition. F1Life will allow you to live like a pilot, with the luxury life that comes with it by buying different items: watches, glasses, etc. Also this new mode, supposed to show the glamorous and bling bling side of the queen discipline of motorsport to emphasize , you can also collect … supercars!

Because yes, in addition to the adrenaline of single-seater racing, F1 22 should also offer to test supercars at the 23 circuits of the game† A way for the pilots and therefore for yourself to “decompress” in between the stress of championship races!

Finally, for the first time for the franchise, the game also has to manage the “cross-play”, a long-awaited feature that allows the game to be played between the different PC or console platforms.

Highly optimized graphics

The game runs great on the demo version available to us. It’s no surprise, so Codemasters has been optimizing its title for several years. Based on the company’s in-house graphics engine, the game is very fluid and has no lags. Even on a high-end machine from 5 years ago, powered by an outdated graphics card (GTX 1080).

Visually, the game looks very good. With almost all settings set to maximum detail, the display is top-notch. As mentioned above, the single-seaters are currently based on the common prototype.

Even the pilots, that we can see before and after the races have highly processed textures and animations. On our computer, the game averages 120 fps at 1080p circuits in clear weather. On the Spielberg track, presented in this demo in rainy weather and the wet track, the frame counter stabilizes at 100 fps. The effects of drops, water trails and reflections are of the most beautiful effect and add to the overall immersion. Obviously we would really believe it!

Two versions will be available upon release

Before the release of the game planned for the next july 1, there will be not one but two versions available! Here’s the detail:

F1 2022 – Standard Edition (€59.99)

  • base game
  • F1 New Era Content 22
  • Life in F1 Starter Pack
  • 5,000 PitCoins

F1 2022 – Champions Edition (€89.99)

  • base game
  • 3 days advance access
  • Miami Theme Content Pack (limited time offer)
  • F1 New Era Content 22
  • Life in F1 Starter Pack
  • New additional drivers
  • 18,000 PitCoins
  • Upgrade to PS5/Xbox Series Version

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