Wine Bottle Club: A great NFT vintage to put crypto in your wine

“When it comes to wine, I’m an easy connoisseur, I always settle for the best” – If, like Winston Churchill, expertise is your credo, welcome to the Wine Bottle Club. This project combines the best of blockchain technology and French heritage: NFTs and the great wines of Bordeaux. From the team to the details of the wines, including all the privileges that await you, let me be your sommelier for a tasting.

The local newspaper brought you this article in collaboration with the Wine Bottle Club.

The Wine Bottle Club, two worlds, one ambition

WBC is conceived by meetings between enthusiasts. Let us first mention the Bordeaux merchant, Lasserre & Papillon, official and famous distributor of great Bordeaux wines. A company that is firmly rooted in tradition, but in many ways visionary. Before the launch of the Wine Bottle Club, partners Philippe Papillon & Louis de Bonnecaze were actually already at the beginning of a digital wave that is flooding the sector a little more every day.

Their first crypto project, BTC Wine, has thus since 2018 delivered on the promise of an exclusive selection of Grands Crus. A skilled representation of all the different national vineyards and grape varieties. More than 2000 references that a French and international community can acquire in different cryptocurrencies on a site that now aims to establish itself as the first WEB 3.0 wine distribution platform.

Another strategic partner of the Wine Bottle Club, “Bordeaux City Bond” (BCB). A customs warehouse specializing in the storage of exceptional wines. It was founded in 2009 by the Chamber of Commerce of Bordeaux and Jean Claude Lasserre (supply chain consultant for the Wine Bottle Club). Since then, the company has built its reputation around an offering advanced services for a VIP clientele. Over the years, the BCB team has made this ultra-specialized warehouse a real reference in its region and far beyond. As you have probably understood, the wines are intended for members of the Wine Bottle Club in knowledgeable hands.

It is thanks to a long experience in the wine sector that the founders of the Wine Bottle Club can connect crypto, bitcoin and grands crus such as chateau Pape clement, but also Margaux and Cheval Blanc
Chateau Pape Clément is one of the prestigious partners of the Wine Bottle Club.

NFTs backed by amazing Bordeaux wines

The NFT “Genesis” collection will be the first collection offered by the Wine Bottle Club. 4926 NFT in three dimensions, exclusive and unique, backed by genuine bottles of fantastic Bordeaux wines. Unique digital objects thanks to the development of a palette that integrates more than 100 different properties. These digital works recorded on the Ethereum blockchain are tamper-proof on its part the “non-fungible” nature of NFTs. They also have a “label” whose role is to present to each buyer the bottle he will be lucky enough to receive.

In addition, some of these “tokens” awarded at random are the subject of an unprecedented collaboration with John Andrew Perello. An internationally recognized artist more known as JonOne. A legend of street art, if now mainstream works have been snapped up for amounts of over $ 100,000. Thus, some lucky ones will receive an NFT whose background is directly drawn from 3 emblematic works from their personal collection.

The Wine Bottle Club wanted to increase the value of this NFT genesis series in collaboration with Jonone, the legend of street art in New York
John Andrew Perello, a pioneer in street art and graffiti in New York.

The wines backed by the works are safe bets. Iconic and legendary bottles from the Bordeaux region. Large castles whose names resonate on the most beautiful gastronomic tables. From the right bank of the Garonne, there are 1,500 bottles of Saint Emilion Grand Cru Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019 (numbered edition) and 60 bottles of Château Cheval Blanc 2011. When we cross the river, we are on the left bank, in Médoc. 1500 Margaux Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019 and 180 bottles of Château Gruaud Larose 2014 await us there. South of Bordeaux, 1,500 bottles of Pessac-Léognan Bitcoin La Cuvée ® 2019 and 180 by Château Pape Clément 2014 complete this unique image.

Become a VIP member of the Wine Bottle Club

This will not have escaped your watchful eye, the account is not there. There are actually 6 bottles missing. They are equivalent to 6 “legendary” NFTs, and just as many nectars as we are told are truly unique. Prestigious vintages whose exact nature has not yet been revealed, nor do we know the price of the NFTs or the date of the “coin”. The event will be announced on WBC social networks, twitter, instagram and discord. You can also go to their website.

The initiators of the Wine Bottle Club are the same ones who launched bitcoin wine.  Experts in the wine sector who today make good wines and NFT rhymes
NFTs have over 100 unique attributes

Acquiring a Wine Bottle Club NFT means owning a valuable digital work of art, an exceptional bottle of Bordeaux wine, but above all access to the Wine Bottle Club and its many privilegesa bit like the famous ” Bored Ape Yacht Club »:

  • Access to the first club that collects crypto and wine
  • Individual support at the tasting
  • Visits to large castles
  • Invitation to professional events on the sidelines of dating related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Participation in exclusive private sales of good wines
  • Personal wine investment advice
  • Excellent prices for storing your bottles within Bordeaux City Bond
  • Priority access to “white lists” of partner NFT projects

Let’s bet the precious sesame seeds will find buyers in less time than it takes to empty a glass of good wine! They will be a relevant financial investment while allowing you to join a premium circle of enlightened amateurs. In fact, it will not have escaped you that bottles of large vintages have become safe havens valued by the greatest fortunes. An original way to diversify a portfolio and expose yourself to the growth of an ever-growing industry … if you resist the urge to taste them! Thus, when blockchain sublimates the oak barrel, great wines flood Web3 for a unique experience that combines tradition and innovation. It’s the wine bottle club.

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