3 women accuse Cary Fukunaga, director of the latest James Bond, of being a sexual predator

Several young women took the floor to describe certain types of behaviors that were considered offensive by Cary Joji Fukunaga, director of Dying can wait, the Maniac series or even True Detective.

The feminist site Jezebel has published several testimonies about director Cary Joji Fukunaga, to whom we owe the latest James Bond. Death can waitas well as the first season of the cult series Real detective.

These statements describe behavior control and manipulation of young women.

Actress Rachelle Vinberg opens up about her relationship with Cary Fukunaga

It is a history by the director on his Instagram account of the abuse of the right to abortion in the United States, “a war on women’s rights” according to him, who first made a young woman react, upset to see Cary Fukunaga make a name for herself as a feminist allywhile what she experienced by his side is quite different:

“Here’s what he posted. It makes me angry because he does not care about women. It only traumatizes them. I’ve told a lot of girls about it. Fuck you Cary.”

This is Rachelle Vinberg, actress and skateboarder, who is especially crossed in the series Betty (broadcast on OCS). Now 23, she says she was in a relationship with the 44-year-old instructor when she was only of legal age in 2016.

A relationship that she today describes as traumatic.

She tells in two long stories attached to her account that Cary Fukunaga e.g. asked her lying about their relationship and pretending to be his niece or cousin in front of other people.

“He also likes to do tattoos on girls”she always says in her story, showing the little skateboard with ink on her wrist. “He gave me this tattoo when I was 18 and it’s something he loves to do, it’s his way of marking women, it’s so … weird!”

Excerpt from Rachelle Vinberg's story on Cary Fukunaga - Instagram
Excerpt from Rachelle Vinberg’s story on Cary Fukunaga – Instagram

After two years and therapy to recover from this story, Rachelle Vinberg wants to let other victims of influence escape it. She is aware that the director’s behavior does not fall within the scope of the law, and she wants above all to warn about the way in which certain men abuse their position towards vulnerable people.

“I spent years being afraid of him. It’s one pointer [‘groomer’ en anglais désigne des personnes qui abusent de leur position de domination sociale afin de profiter de personnes plus jeunes et/ou vulnérables, souvent à peine majeures. Dans le langage familier français, on parle souvent de ‘pointeur’]. He has been doing this for years. Take care of him. »

Testimony of the Loesch twins about their relationship with Cary Fukunaga

Another testimony is added to the actress and skateboarder: twin sisters Hannah and Cailin Loesch. Two actresses Cary Fukunaga met while filming the Netflix miniseries insane, released in 2018, where he is the director. They were then 20 years old and will now share their story in solidarity with Rachelle Vinberg.

They talk about the repeated and sometimes insistent invitations from Cary Fukunaga, the flirtation from private messages sent to one of them, but also that «Red flags ‘Numerous, which they preferred to ignore at the time, as well as warnings from their friends. They depict a three-way relationship, of which the ambiguity seems to have been skillfully maintained by the instructor.

“Over the next three years [après leur rencontre, ndlr], the three of us began this relationship of ups and downs, which we both hoped would turn into one of two categories: a simple friendly threesome or a romantic relationship between one of us and Cary. »

They describe the last heated interaction between him and Cailin, after an attempt to resolve this chaotic situation and finally address the issue of their relationship.

“Then he made a 180-degree turn and said that if we had thought something was going on or that he wanted a triangle, then it was our anxiety disorders that were the cause. He said Cailin lived on another planet and that his ex-girlfriend was the same. When she cried, he laughed at her and asked why it bothered her when we “did not even know each other”. He said he “talks about sex” all the time with people he knows and she tries to see it as something that is not there because she likes him.

He asked if she realized “how bad it would look” if this story came out as a result of the Me Too movement, adding that he “did not like” the person Cailin described. Cailin still remembers the violent look he had when he spoke to her, as if she was completely crazy about worrying about it. She ordered an Uber when he called and neither of us saw him again. One last text message to Hannah, in which he claimed that it was all a big misunderstanding and that he “had nothing but respect” for both of us, was unanswered. »

Grooming, this kind of abuse of power that makes the influence look like seduction

The three of their stories describe a man who is very aware of it his closeness to such young women, but also that his repeated behavior is not appropriate and that it is better to hide them. A man is also very conscious of his status as a powerful and respected instructor and able to use it to approach, influence, even manipulate.

The three young women thanked all the people who support them in their approach and also addressed possible other victims:

“It means more than you can imagine and confirms our decision to say no despite the fear. Our DMs remain open and we want you to know that we are here for you too.”

The Jezebel place is talking about care to qualify Cary Fukunaga’s alleged conduct, either a man’s influence to control young adults or minors without power, but by seduction.

It’s the same mechanism that actress Evan Rachel Wood condemned, which today accuses her ex-boyfriend Brian Warner (known by the pseudonym Marilyn Manson) of rape as well as sexual, physical and psychological violence.

Rachelle Vinberg also assures that people who develop in Cary Fukunaga’s professional environment are aware that“he is a predator” : “They all know it, but they do nothing.”

So far, director Cary Fukunaga has not yet publicly responded to his accusations.

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