Creating an NFT has never been easier. How do you get started?

We keep hearing about NFTs. These digital artworks get more than one dream, some are resold at exorbitant prices. We tell you all about creating and selling NFTs in this guide.

NFTs, for non-fungible token, thrives online and is available for millions of dollars for some. Their popularity is such that the term was named “Word of the Year 2021” by Collins’ dictionary. Just that! If you hope to take advantage of the heyday of the NFTs, we explain. It all starts with an idea …

Breaking into NFTs: our guide

If you are thinking of creating a place for yourself on the blockchain with your NFTs, our guide will be useful for you. In fact, there are four important steps to getting started.

Find the right idea

If you are interested in NFTs, it comes as no surprise: anything can become an NFT. Provided you have a little imagination and ingenuity. The first tweet in the story, an athlete’s (living) arm, a meme, the latest sound from Booba, unseen scenes from pulp fiction or even pixel artworks …

So before you embark on the NFT adventure, find the right idea. The one that will be original and relevant enough to seduce.

Make a design

Now that you have your idea in mind, put it on paper. Or in this case on the screen. This is where Fiverr comes in. In fact, several creators make their skills and services available to you to bring your project to the world. Yes, we may have the idea that giving that life is another matter. Thus, artists offer you to use their talent to create the design of your NFT.

If you are fascinated by metaverse, an expression that has been on everyone’s lips for the past few months and want your share of the pie, you can even buy land and hire a creator to create a unique experience.

Create your NFT design with Fiverr

Create your community

If you hope to “break through” in the NFT world, you have a strong interest in building a solid and loyal community on social networks, but also on Discord. It’s pretty much there, it’s all happening. You can exchange advice, opinions, “great deals” … To see your project grow, there is nothing like a Discord server and attractive social networks.

Again, the experts at Fiverr are here to give you some really welcome help. On the platform you can find people who are inclined to create and then promote your Discord server. Moderation bot, automatic notifications, custom banner welcome system … These are all features that you can ask a third party on Fiverr.

Minter his NFT

This is the final step in our ultimate guide. And this is perhaps the most important thing. In fact, once you have created the design of your NFT and everything is ready to promote your collection and animate your community, a crucial part of your plan is missing.

Yes, so far, your digital artwork is nothing but a bad image without much value. “Minter” an NFT is the creation process on the blockchain. This is the step that makes your cool design a real authentic collector’s item. This final phase will allow NFT to be bought and modified in the marketplaces and perhaps snapped up at a gold price. But here again, a little help is welcome. On Fiverr you can find valuable help and support to easily set up your NFT on blockchain. Some open the way for you so you can then mint your NFTs yourself.

With the advent of NFTs, cryptocurrencies in general, and the advent of metavers (all kinds of sauces), many creators are offering services “in the era of the times.” At Fiverr you will find all services related to the creation and promotion of your NFTs. Thanks to the internet and such platforms, you are not alone in starting your project.

Get into NFTs with Fiverr

And if you are an NFT expert yourself, you can offer your services directly on Fiverr to beginners.

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