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Cryptolotto comes in various forms. It can be in the form of a lottery where you buy tickets and wait for the draw at a fixed time or by playing crypto casino games. In the context of this article, we will focus on this second option.

cryptocurrency lottery

To explain the different ways you have available to participate in a crypto lottery at an online casino, we will discuss all the important aspects of the matter with you. We show you the games that come closest to the lotto, and recommend operators that you can sign up to play safely.

Where to play crypto lotto online?

If you want to play something that can be vaguely considered online cryptolotto, you must register at a casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. On these platforms, you can access multiple titles that allow you to play a lottery or win a big jackpot.

First of all, we can mention the case of bingo or keno. On these games, the numbers must be drawn for pocket winnings. The concept is similar to lotto and you can only win if the numbers on your card are drawn.

Then there is the case of cryptoslots with a progressive jackpot. By playing on these titles, you can get a huge win of several millions in your hand by starting a single spin. If luck is with you, it is on these games that you can win the most.

Finally, we can mention the live crypto casino. By playing certain games, such as Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal, it is also possible to cash out a big jackpot in a short amount of time. It is up to you to see what your preferences are for trying your luck at a title comparable to cryptolotto.

Can we take advantage of bonuses to play the crypto lottery?

In our introductory table, we mentioned several reliable crypto casinos where you can register and play securely. At each of these operators you will have the opportunity to participate in a crypto lottery. But that’s not all, we also have a surprise for you.

Each company on this list offers you what is called a welcome bonus. By making your first deposit on one of these sites, you will get extra money to try your luck at the games.

The value of a welcome bonus depends on the casino where you need to register. The main rule, however, is that your first deposit will be doubled up to a predefined maximum. Sometimes the amount can be tripled and in other cases you can get a quote on the first 5 deposits.

What are the rules for crypto lottery?

As we have seen, we recommend several casino games that can be considered as crypto lottery. As a result, the rules of these different games are specific to each one. But we’ll be going to describe some rules very quickly if you do not know them:

  • Bingo. Numbers come out one by one, as is the case in the lottery for example. Then the goal is to fill in one or more rows. The first to get there wins;
  • Slot machine with jackpot. Here you have to click on the “spin” button to spin the reels on the slot machine. When these stop, depending on the combinations obtained, you can get a big jackpot;
  • Agreement or no agreement. You need to open different boxes. Each time you can decide to put the amount offered in your pocket or try to get a larger amount, with the risk of losing everything.

There are many other crypto lottery games offered by online casinos. Each time the rules are written on the different titles. Do not hesitate to read them if you are interested in games other than these.

Need to learn strategies for playing the cryptocurrency lottery?

If you want to improve your cryptocurrency lottery skills, then you will be disappointed. In fact, all the games we have presented to you are based solely on luck. Therefore, it is not possible to influence the final result by studying strategies.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible to play games where the expectation of winning can be positive. This is especially true of jackpot slots when the prize pool to be won is very large. Every time you make a spin, you will have an average payout of a few percent of your bet.

However, the absence of strategies to study will not prevent you from landing regular winnings in the cryptocurrency lottery. These will just be random and you will need to be able to pull yourself out at the right time to secure them.

Because Bitcoin lotto is based solely on chance, it is not possible to win every time. It is also even mathematically impossible, as if there is a winner, it means that there are necessarily losers to fund the people who shell out for the winnings.

However, there are a few crypto-lottery tricks you can use to avoid losing all your money in one fell swoop. For each game, you should not play more than 5% of your Bitcoin lotto game capital. This way, in case of an accident, you can still try to shell out a large pool.

The games that can win you the most at once are jackpot slot machines. However, it is very difficult to win such a cat. If you want more common but smaller winnings, we advise you to play bingo instead.

Is it safe to play the bitcoin lottery?

When you hear about the bitcoin lottery, it scares a lot of people. And that’s understandable, considering all the scams that took place in the early cryptocurrency industry. But nowadays, things are much more enviable.

In fact, if you sign up with a trusted casino that accepts deposits with digital assets, you will have no problem playing cryptolotto for sure. To find such companies, we recommend our list at the beginning of the article. These are platforms that we have tested and that we ourselves use regularly.

Of course, you can choose which company you want to play the Bitcoin lottery at. However, you need to be careful about reading the opinions of specialized sites and other players. If the casino has a bad reputation, then you should definitely avoid putting cryptocurrency on it.

Are you going to play with digital assets in cryptolotto?

Technically, cryptolotto is played with digital assets, otherwise it would not get this qualification. However, it is entirely possible to play slots, bingo or live casino with fiat money such as euros or dollars.

If cryptocurrencies are not your cup of tea, then you can play directly in euros. For this you can register with most of the operators that we recommend for cryptolotto. In fact, with the exception of a few platforms, it is possible to deposit directly with fiat money on.

However, we believe that it is more interesting to try your luck with only cryptos. The industry continues to grow over the years and it is very likely that the digital assets you will earn on your games will passively increase in value in the future.

Can we play anything other than the Bitcoin lottery with cryptocurrencies?

If you register at a casino that accepts deposits with cryptocurrencies, then you do not only have access to a Bitcoin lotto game. All the titles present in the establishment’s toy library will be at your disposal.

If you prefer to try your luck at blackjack, Bitcoin roulette, poker or scratch cards online, you have the option. So if you want to switch between one of these games and a cryptocurrency lottery round to take your mind off of it, it only takes a few clicks to switch games.

In addition, some crypto casinos allow you to play 100% blockchain games. To access these, it is mandatory to own digital assets. This allows you to play unique titles reserved for holders of cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion on Crypto Lotto

We hope you enjoyed our article on crypto lotto and that you now have a better understanding of what we are talking about when using this term. As you have seen, we have chosen to talk about casino games that are comparable to a crypto lottery.

It is up to you to choose the titles that best suit your style of play and your idea of ​​what Bitcoin lotto should be. Also, keep in mind that this is a game based solely on luck. It is impossible to learn strategies to get better at the crypto lottery.

If you want to start your adventure on the Bitcoin lottery, we advise you to register with one of the operators present in our introductory table. You will be able to take advantage of exclusive bonuses reserved for readers of our site, which will allow you to increase your chances of earning big winnings during your games..

Disclaimer. Online gambling can be risky, bet no more than you can afford to lose. Also, check if online gambling is legal in your country before signing up for a casino.

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