Dandelion Challenge exhibited in Mauricie

ENVIRONMENT. Many municipalities and RCMs in Quebec joined the Dandelion Challenge initiative this spring, launched two years ago by the Portneuf-based organization Miel et Co. In the Mauricie region, Saint-Paulin and MRC de Mékinac in particular have announced that they will participate this year.

Christina Fortin-Ménard and David Lee Desrochers have a very interesting story. After first meeting in an audition for the popular show L’amour est dans le pré, the couple later began to develop a business relationship together. The dandelion challenge is part of their list of common commitments they have for their love of agriculture.

“Agriculture is the basis of everything,” says Christina Fortin-Ménard from the start. We really feel connected to nature by practicing this profession. We are also privileged as beekeepers with the bees. We get the impression that this is our mission, and that is what makes us useful to the people. »

“The idea for the dandelion challenge came to us when we started Miel et Co. Our customers often asked us how we could help the bees. They were looking for complicated ways to get there. When we realized they were quick to mow their lawns when spring came, David and I suggested postponing their mowing for a few weeks to provide the pollinators with an important food source when they need it most, after a long time. winter. We quickly realized that several municipalities and MRC joined this initiative, ”explains Christina.

In fact, this initiative quickly aroused the interest of Saint-Paulin and the MRC in Mékinac, who announced that they intended to postpone the mowing of their lawn in the spring on their territory for the same reasons.

Saint-Paulin and MRC in Mékinac

In Saint-Paulin, a community group took care of promoting this challenge with the municipality. Councilor Annie Bellemare, who oversees it, reiterates the importance of caring for bees, a species that is too neglected in the environment today.

Like Christina Fortin-Ménard, Annie Bellemare also believes that we must continue to highlight the role of bees. In addition to their contribution to honey, they together fill a third of the world’s pantry through their pollination services, which include fruits, vegetables, among other food groups. The initiators of this movement hope to inform the public about this issue by launching this initiative.

” Bees are endangered in our society today. The dandelion is the first flower to come out. And so it is with the pollen of the dandelions they feed. We are pleased to see that more municipalities in the province are also joining the cause: This is what will help us achieve our goals, ”explains Annie Bellemare.

La Piqûre Miel, located in Saint-Paulin, specializes in the production of honey. Mrs Bellemare also mentions that they have received their support in this initiative, those who are heavily dependent on the work of bees to ensure their honey production.

On Mékinac’s side, the environmental motives of this initiative really encouraged the administrators to embark on this experiment. Hela Chourabi, Agriculture and Food Development Adviser, explains that it is crucial to push and raise public awareness in order to preserve biodiversity. The role that pollinators play in the environment is also a matter close to the hearts of several members of the MRC de Mékinac team. Mrs Chourabi explains that this is the best way to promote this cause in society.

“I am aware that this will be a project that must be completed in the short or medium term, not just a year or a month. We will still target as many people as possible with the primary goal of raising awareness of this issue, ”Ms Chourabi explains.

In addition to cities and MRCs, Miel et Co maintains that it will need the participation of community members to accomplish its goal, because it is truly a collaboration that requires a great deal of collaboration. , during this spring period.

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