how has her vision of love changed since “The Wandering Stars”?

Since 2020, Nekfeu has chained functions. These indicate a drastic change in his vision of love …

The last time we heard Nekfeu solo was in 2019. His latest opus, Wandering Stars: Expansion, recently passed the threshold of 800,000 sales. In it, the rapper opened his heart through several love songs. Today, these pieces are the ones that last the most of his entire career. At the top of the artist’s Spotify, “Galatée”, “Elle pleut” and “Dans l’univers” occupy 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively.

A few days ago, Gros Mo was released GROZO Social Club. On the tracklist, Nekfeu, for “Artificial Paradise”. The play got internet users to react, especially the rapper’s dedication to his exes. “Thanks to my exes for the work, triple diamond, now I leave you between you.”

Since the release of wandering stars, the author of “Tempête” has appeared on several features. Gims, Sneazzy, Alpha on don dada mixtape… Through these collaborations, the Parisian rapper shared a new vision of love. If he is still so touching, it is interesting to specify the coldness he shows.

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The wandering stars : a declaration of love

On his latest album, Nekfeu did not fail to move the listeners. Some have definitely taken the opportunity to send messages back to their exes (bad idea). The wandering stars gave the image of a man with a heavy heart but mediated by new sentimental adventures. The stories of the breakup were marked by happy memories, as on “Elle pleut”. On “Chanson d’amour”, Ken Samaras testified to a whole new hope and audacity. “And the advice people give me / I do not listen to it, I am no longer afraid to go too fast”. By explicitly calling this piece in the nature of things “Chanson d’amour”, Nekfeu was reconciled with the latter.

However, it seems that it is not the same today. By the end of 2020, the don dada mixtape bind 1Fenek evoked his loneliness and a kind of fatigue over his sentimental life. “I do not even need a phone anymore, I have become lonely” (“San Andreas”), “I stay in my corner, I have to manage my case / I do not talk about emotions before people who do not feel anyone” (“aaa”). On “malevil”, the rapper does not seem to notice what previously made him vibrate. “I want the mysteries hidden from me on earth / two strangers looking at each other on the dock”, “I’m sonne-per, I do not want to please actresses”. This last sentence, which refers to the songs “Égérie” or “Princesse”, seems to mark the end of an era. If he knows the risk of love, then has he lost the love of risk?

Nekfeu: “Want romantic, but there is no one who is worth it”

In the summer of 2021, it announces the release of more features with Nekfeu. But the common point of the 3 pieces is a vision of emotion through an obscure prism. But I know you will not find your love by suffocating it “ sing the rapper on “AGENT ORANGE”, with Deen Burbigo. One week later, Laylow and Nekfeu released “SPECIAL”. The latter is no longer hidden here: Want romance but no one is worth it, even in the family I have blockages “. By adding But in real life, move calmly ”Nekfeu suggests that rap is his real life, but not romance. Although he would not mind it.

This type of thought becomes recurring in the texts of Nekfeu. On “Jeune d’en bass”, with DA Uzi, the rapper confides that he can no longer manage to rap his pain. “UShidden in the crater my heart bleeds inside me / I have weights on my heart, I do not know how to approach them “.

On his latest with, “Artificial Paradise”, the same theme is addressed. “True love does not exist in the depths, I may have written it, but it is very false”. Nekfeu returns to what he said earlier, as if his gaze had changed. I do not want to be fooled by the passions of this world “. The author of “Galatée” is tired, evoking his happiness as incompatible with another. “The Artificial Paradise” is the story of a relationship built on false beings and different visions.

In his recent discography, Nekfeu seems to be lost in the face of new trials. In many of his lyrics, the rapper refers to the passage of time and the age that increases with it. Ken Samaras has reached a new emotional maturity and has changed course. On the horizon, no “Art Paradise”, but the search for a new way to love, without harming oneself.

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