Hulus ‘Talks with Friends’ is another compelling verse masterpiece by Sally Rooney

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You may remember a small program called Normal person. It’s a whirlwind Irish series with intimate scenes full of depth and two performances for life? The story of the necklace worshiped in the perfectly sculptural photographs of Paul Mescal? Yes it is.

Now you may have heard that Hulu is releasing a sister series, Talking to some friends. Before I dive into this new masterpiece, I must tell you that yes, Conversation does not measure the gloss of Normal person.

The original Sally Rooney books were actually published in reverse order: Talking to some friendsHis first novel, published in 2017, a year ago Normal person, but they feel more intertwined than sequentially. The new series follows a quartet of Irish creatives who step into 80 different love triangles, descended from Frances (Alison Oliver), who hosts the show as a quiet young writer, and whose poetic best friend is Bobbi (Sasha Lane) , who happen to be her. ex – a rudimentary, completely tender relationship, necessary at the heart of the show.

The couple meets the beautiful couple Melissa (Jemima Church) and Nick (Joe Alwyn), whose lavish lifestyle and weak marriages are completely open to uninvited guests. Frances instantly falls in love with Nick in a way that feels very familiar to her – she Googles and mocks him with Bobbi, but sends him a text message and gives him staring eyes. Frances’ love affair becomes transparent and manageable, but in the best way. We were all there.

While Frances and Nick build their close relationship, her relationship with Bobbi crumbles. Foursome travels to Croatia, where Nick and Frances fully cement their relationship, but Frances has a hard time getting in touch with a visiting literary editor because of her relationship with Melissa’s husband. His father cut his throat. Without money, growing medical problems and a lost best friend, Frances struggles to find herself.

This casting will indicate how well the show will go. Taylor Swift’s girlfriend who played Emma Stone’s love interest Favorite? A rising star with hits like Hearts beat hard American honey? The best star of Girls? When the casting was announced years ago, Talking to some friends It looks promising. And from the very first episode, when we first see the actors mingle with the warm chemistry of white wine and well-dressed girls, it’s clear that the hype has not been exaggerated. level.

However, it is newcomer Alison Oliver who gets away with the show. It corresponds to one of Normal personGreatest Achievements: Introduces us to promising young actors to faint and haunt. Frances would easily be hated. She is brooding, interrupted, unable to find her way in life and has started an affair with a married man. On top of that, Frances treats her dear friend Bobbi like a dusty old cat.

But Oliver painted Frances with that in mind. It was a similar performance to Daisy Edgar-Jones’s Normal person, another quiet and brooding role that may surprise the audience. For another actress, Frances can be seen as selfish, boring or boring. That is not the case here. Oliver recently graduated from college, so she really transforms Frances’ youthful embarrassment in a way that an older, more experienced actress could not handle.

I’m sick of this Conversation will be compared with Normal person in the beginning, but let’s face it, it’s inevitable. Two Sally Rooney adaptations featuring stunning lead roles, extraordinary love scenes and captivating clouds from Ireland. They are not alike in any way, but BBC Studios is not afraid to rely on Rooney’s formula. This method worked, so why change it?

Everyone loves him Normal person. Since the limited series will not have a different installment (except the ingenious one flea bag cross priest), just expand Rooneyverse. Along with the mid-season leap into Italy Normal person, Conversation sends its players to Croatia, a sunny seaside resort with floating dresses, sea salt curls and endless glasses of chilled rose water. Oh, and the best part: the two lovers secretly go to bed after dark. We’ve seen that before. However, it’s more like getting drunk another time.

Where does he waver? Unfortunately, there is no pale mule-sport Paul Mescal and Joe Alwyn to compare. He tries his best, but if there’s one thing I can change Talking to some friends, who will be the male lead of the show. Alwyn’s subdued performance was not so bad. He is not as drunk as Mescal with his shackles and hopeless romance. The interstellar love aspect does not exist, but that is not the point of the series.

Do not let the romance’s lack of twist deter you from looking to the bitter end. The true heart of Talking to some friends it is sometimes unique, sometimes romantic, always fascinating relationship between Bobbi and Frances. Focus too much on Nick / Frances and you will lose the really sharp desire between these two who have always been hungry to find their place with each other.

You will notice the germ of this momentum sown in the first volume of the series where Bobbi and Frances spend their last months in college together. They lay on each other’s shoulders and watched TV while it continued to rain, making a last minute decision to have a few bottles of wine to cool off at home. They can not get rid of the stress in their relationship. Every moment they share is intimate.

Additionally: yes, Conversation There are steaming sex scenes. But it also has a cozy, warm university life that is more fun (not all the homework!) To see than you might think. When we hear “teen romance,” we are probably not programmed to expect stormy days of tea, study, and gossip at home. But that’s the charm of it Conversation.

While sexless, action-packed, shocking and violent films continue to garner billions of dollars at the box office, these subtle and intimate shows have a quietly groundbreaking feel. Only time will tell Conversation becomes as large as Normal personbut it provides yet another good argument for covert tenderness over stinging fervor as a way of balancing overt maximalism (Marvel, the rogue static biography, even the dramatic number of bridgerton) in entertainment.

Talking to some friends premieres May 15 on Hulu. Hulus ‘Talks with Friends’ is another convincing masterpiece in verse by Sally Rooney

This article is automatically translated from the original language into your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible.

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