Lina Valentina launches NFTs to condemn domestic violence

Domestic violence is a real concern around the world. If they challenge the authorities, they are also at the heart of the themes that the artists address. That’s how Lina Valentina, a prominent artist in New York and Los Angeles, chose to use NFTs to condemn this violence. She has created a new collection of NFTs called Not anymore. To learn more about this collection and the reasons for its creation, Cointribue had an exclusive interview with it.

Who is Lina Valentina?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s get to know Lina first. Lina is an artist whose works have become crucial in New York and Los Angeles. First, to make herself known, she turned the walls of New York and Brooklyn into paintings. She painted her works there, and these compelled everyone’s admiration.

Over time, Lina grew in popularity. Now she has works exhibited in largest contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles. She is also featured in several famous magazines such as INKspired and GoodweekendMag. Also in 2018, she landed a collaboration with the Adidas brand for an exceptional show on Melrose Avenue.

In the end, Lina Valentina is not unknown in the art world. In most of her works, she paints a zipper at the level of her mouth. What does it mean ? She responds by saying: “In some exhibitions, my works were sometimes misinterpreted, in the sense that the zipper was considered a sign of silence. But it is the exact opposite, because if you look in detail, the zipper is open and the notches are turned over, which means that you can no longer close it ”.

Currently, several celebrities have already acquired works by Lina Valentina. For example, we can mention Rick Ross who bought one representation of a luxury watch. In addition to this, Lina’s paintings have appeared in the popular Netflix series Selling Sunset, which highlights the exceptional villas on the California coast.

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Lina Valentina’s NFTs

Lina Valentina is the designer of the collection not anymore. She makes it a tribute to all the women who are victims of violence and who has decided to condemn them. But that’s not all. The artist also claims that the collection was made with a view to give a little courage to all women who face horrific abuse still decide to keep quiet.

not anymore will consist of a total of 7,777 NFTs. Each NFT will represent a face of a woman, with a mouth and an open zipper. For information, not anymore is not NFT’s only women’s collection. Another collection exists and is known as Women’s world.

Women’s world is a collection that highlights the strengths of women, especially in the Web3 ecosystem. Some prominent American influencers have purchased NFTs from this collection, including Logan Paul, Alec Monopoly and Gary Vee. Lina revealed that she acquired 8 NFTs from this collection.

During the interview, Lina Valentina presented the development stages of the project regarding the No More collection. Here are the different steps:

  • Step 1: it consists of creating one digital gallery in the meta verse. In this gallery, works by Lina Valentina and other artists will be exhibited;
  • Stage 2: 300 people who want to buy NFTs from the collection not anymore will have the chance to receive one digital frame worth $ 800;
  • Step 3: The NFT owners of the collection not anymore will have the opportunity meet Lina Valentina as part of a special exhibition held at the Cool HeART Gallery in Los Angeles. In addition, they will be able to get extraordinary discounts on the physically exhibited works;
  • Step 4: This step has a charitable aspect. 10% of the revenue that will be gained from the sale of NFTs will be whole donated to the association SafeHorizon which fights against violence against women.

In order not to miss any information about this collection, we strongly recommend that you follow the official account created for not anymore on Twitter and also to follow the account for lina valentina. Do not hesitate to follow the CoolheART account on Instagram to find photos from the collection.

It is clear that all conditions are in place for the collection not anymore by Lina Valentina is a real success. In addition to being created by a well-known artist, the collection conveys a message that finds an important resonance in the news.

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