NFT Challenge mission for Telos blockchain

The competition aims to invite artists to bring their NFT projects (ERC 721 and ERC721a) to launch on Telos EVM and then sell on an NFT Marketplace

There are hundreds, if not thousands of blockchains. The number will continue to grow as blockchain technology is adopted and adapted to new use cases. Over time, there may be hundreds of thousands or millions of channels in the same way that there are so many computer networks in the world today. There are four main types of blockchain networks: public blockchains, private blockchains, consortium blockchains, and hybrid blockchains. Each of these platforms has its advantages, disadvantages and ideal uses. Public projects with their own “native” coins usually have their own blockchain. Examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero, Dogecoin, Decred, Horizen, DigiByte, Ravencoin, Tezos, etc. These are all separate blockchains. Private blockchains generally do not have tokens as they are funded by companies and their partners who run these chains to support their core businesses.

Many projects do not run on their own blockchain, but on another, on which they are built, usually on smart contract platforms. ERC-20 tokens run on Ethereum, for example. This includes BAT, Decentraland, ChainLink, DAI, USDC, Enjin, Aragon, etc. They all run on the public Ethereum blockchain. It then becomes essential for blockchains to make themselves known, hackathons, contests, incentives … to launch the use of a community, which is what Telos does with the NFT Challenge mission.

Telos blockchain is a smart contract platform that offers compatibility with Solidity, Vyper and Native C ++ smart contracts. Telos provides full low-cost EVM / Solidity support, zero-execution fixed gas charges, and offers a path to zero-cost transactions through its strong native support for C ++ smart contracts. Although operating as a Net Zero blockchain, Telos still sustainably supports hundreds of millions of transactions a day, producing blocks at 0.5 second intervals (first in, first out, eliminating front-end operation on the network) and securely validating transactions through a neutral, globally decentralized producer network.

Mission NFT Challenge

It is a competition for creators that offers a very attractive prize pool, which is shared between the winners of the competition. Telos believes that NFTs are both an art form and an essential technology that must be easily affordable and accessible to the masses. As such, Telos strives to ease the lowest entry barrier to the new area of ​​NFTs. By using, the latest leading NFT marketplace to integrate with Telos, end users will be able to imprint and trade their NFTs at unprecedentedly high speeds while enjoying the lowest gas charges in the industry. Telos EVM will also provide an overload-free embossing experience that leaves no carbon footprint or any of the front-end / MEVs that constantly plague Ethereum users.

In addition, contract implementation is a fraction of the cost and significantly faster on Telos compared to virtually any other network, making it a far superior ecosystem to rely on. Transactions are instant on Telos!

The competition

  • The competition opened for participation on Monday, May 9, and participants can submit their projects no later than Friday, June 24 at. 12:00 EST.
  • Public voting on submissions will take place between Monday, May 23 at. 12.00 EST and Thursday 30 June at 12.00 EST.
  • Twenty finalists will be announced on Friday, July 1 at 12:00 EST and the top five winners will be selected and announced on Tuesday, July 5 at. 11:00 AM EST.
    Telos invites all aspiring digital artists and NFT projects to enter this competition to win one of 5 prizes worth 25,000 TLOS each. In addition, a selection from The Big Gooey, Telos’ internal NFT curator, will reward a winner with an additional 50,000 TLOS.
  • The competition and voting will be held on the Taikai platform (also built on telos), which recently completed a very successful hackathon for the Telos Ignite competition. The public will vote on all entries to select the top 20 projects, after which a panel of judges will decide the top five.
  • This leading NFT competition invites artists to bring their NFT projects (ERC 721) and implement them to tEVM, where they can be embossed for sale on Byt Market or other secondary markets.

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